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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:42

Gur Hdp'l Bozdağ'a Parliamentary question from the Minister

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Peoples'Democratic Party ( HDP) Van deputy Nazmi Gur, Turkey with the request to be answered by Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag gave the Grand National Assembly of parliamentary questions .

Van news: Photo Van M Type Prison on child prisoners-for prisoner abuses , child prisoners-convicts that prison officials and said the psychological pressure and violence by guards claiming Gur , the statement, \"In addition , 7-8 October 2014 date of Kobani'yi to the effective intensity results for the public police in demonstrations for support is experienced custody events 18 children were sent to prison in the wake of these arrests . children prisoner barracks where shares close child the same ward 20. although 12 people. Bunk beds are lacking and lies in the children place . have arisen disease in this case, as a result , but has not been realized transport to hospital. Children prisoners, threatened by guards and are subjected to pressure. Children prisoner-convicts parents'views and communications are blocked, days are given one-room cell fines. several suicide attempts in this penalty as a result has experienced . however, 8 children in prison on the pretext of lack of ward has been sent to prison Ankara Sincan prison management process implies that this exile as a result of their child's place at the prompt . In this context, Van M Type Closed Prison officials , particularly guards against convicted child prisoners-they show that directed you to apply psychological pressure and the Ministry for violence complaint is available? Van M Type of violence against juveniles-convicts in prison and what measures you intend to take to prevent pressure? Do you think these pressures and to establish a commission to reveal any violence? Prison staff in the investigation into the violation of human rights legislation and the attitude and behavior towards child-convicted prisoners is it started ? Is this person for further sanctions ? Is located in Van M Type Closed Prison-inmate convicted child healthy and safe will open a ward ? Or further improvement methods for children Is your agenda prisons ? Van M Type few prisoners to solitary confinement in prison is given child ? What is the reason for their imprisonment ? Van M Type is the reason children of convicts in the prison's inmate-family vision of communication and blocking by prison management ? Allegedly Van M Type Closed Prison in child-convicts in violence and verbal abuse prisoners'guards Alperen'Do you intend to open an investigation known as the guards ? Or did remain unpunished ? Van M Type is the reason of the deportation of the Ankara-Xinjiang Prison on 8 children 27/10/2014 Children in the prison ? To be close to the family of 8 children prisoners to be sent back to prison by your Ministry is located in Van Do you think there any attempt ? Van M Type Closed Prison in custody-convicts Ankara Xinjiang children to avoid deportation to the prison and other prisons exist in any venture you think ? Children in the prisoner-convict in Turkey Do you think there any work for a healthier and more secure prison ? \"He said .

Gur Hdp'l Bozdağ'a Parliamentary question from the Minister" comments for.


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