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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:40

Gurkan President , Discusses Agenda of the city before Eid al-Adha

Gurkan President , Discusses Agenda of the city before Eid al-Adha
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Mayor Recep Gurkan Edirne , Edirne before Eid al-Adha issues related to the agenda of the press conference was organized to assess .

Edirne news: Gurkan, located in Edirne river landscape by making citizens free of charge that can be used recreation area prepare , he said.
Edirne Municipality Assembly Hall held a press conference in Edirne Mayor Recep Gurkan, Deputy Mayor Dr. Ertugrul Tanrikulu , Judy Gegeoğl and was attended by many members of the press . Mayor Recep Gurkan, Tunca River located on the edge soldiers Casinos making regarding their regulations, Edirne Urban Forest located across the land were planning to do free urban park planning and for many years the city experienced in the flood areas in the position of the land of the situation and gave information about .
Edirne Mayor Recep Gurkan, Tunca River on the edge and a long time ago by the military made ​​and currently unused soldiers Casino the seats in Parliament in the period of parliamentary questions raised the issue with recalling,\"Day after soldiers Gazinosu destroys , and we ourselves owned parcels will be organized . remaining four plots, also through the well there is one way there , late last September council in 2007, the State Water Board has been allocated to the municipal land had . O land in a recreation by arranging that area free of charge for public use will open , \"he said .
the Evros River at the edge of Protocol the house the remainder of the land in various arrangements they would tell the mayor Gurkan, \"Hiking trails let's not say , but the navigation trail as she land, we have organized . Recreation will be finished in the coming days . After Eid with you and Edirne with it also free to the public as a promenade and terraces as the opening will do, \"he said.
\" FLOOD AREA EXCUSE taking refuge in the city's development is blocking \"
Chairman Gurkan, Edirne years were unable to cope flooding problems due to the city's most beautiful places worthy as değerlendiremediklerini expressed, \"Very large areas of flood within the scope due to take place flood areas excuse the back of the refuge and in this context, road access, architectural regulations on these grounds in the city with the development of the front obstruction to me does not feel right , \"he said.
\" Thrace Agricultural Research Institute WHAT to produce seed eLSEWHERE can be allocated \"
Edirne each What may seem to be a lot of green space people to socialize and to ensure the cohesion of the parks mentioned that not too much Gurkan, \"we all know that there are free parking . We know as willow forest located across the city of Edirne and Thrace Agricultural Research Institute has been collected and it's got great area of 337 acres of government land . In this area we would like to make a large urban park . We want to create a new green space . I stayed in the most beautiful place in the very center of the city in 2014 in order to produce seed fields is not effective anymore . It's a first-class agricultural land , but not in Edirne where prime agricultural land ? Thrace Agricultural Research Institute to produce seed can be allocated elsewhere, \"he said.

Gurkan President , Discusses Agenda of the city before Eid al-Adha" comments for.


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