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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:04

Gursel Euphrates Single Game \"Dervish\"With the Eagles

Gursel Euphrates Single Game \
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Adana Theater Artist Gursel Euphrates , staged throughout Turkey for 8 years \"Dervish \"at the game , on November 14, meets with eagle .

İstanbul news: Photo Converter is ADA roads Anatolia as Tiyatrosu'yl to be going to a lot of cities in 8 years Gursel Euphrates , \"Dervish \"the one-man play called staging for love this time of Kartal theater .
\"Dervish \"has a single player game on November 14, Ugur Mumcu meets Friday at 19.00 in the free viewers Quality of Life Improvement Centre .
\"I can tell you,\"also carries the name of the game ; with a self , and said , guiding and light source \"A wise Dervish\"is looking at the world with in the eye and soaring poetry from his heart, lament , folk songs and legends , as well as Yunus Emre , Mevlana, Pir Sultan , Nazim Hikmet , Cahit Külebi , Hasan Hüseyin Ahmet Arif Aziz Nesin , Mustafa Kemal, a dervish of the Anatolian people , accompanied by poems of poets Orhan Veli tells the story of going to the post . Photo Gursel Euphrates , tells the game with the following statement:\"Work we understand the national struggle and the Republic of the , we could not tell . Oh dear Ataturk , that you want , citizens get independent from primitiveness , ignorance , without dishonor , poverty, superstition , get rid of religion and interests exploiters , you scroll , flourish , get development in all areas, get out of the Middle Ages , you work and you share the beauty of life , let him worship as they wish , can live in peace , do not be a slave to the West ! But we are your ideal of the achievements, our people , we're unable to tell our young people , we apologize you. It is not strange the lodge . There are strange to the lodge . So Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has also said:\"The Republic is one of the orphans . \"

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