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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:51

'Haci Bektas Veli Cultural Association'What PBO Association Granting Status

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Haci Bektas Veli Cultural Association , \"public benefit associations \"to be the status was welcomed by the association managers.

Nevşehir news: Prime Minister Davutoğlu thanked the association chairman Mustafa Özciv , the majestic Cemevinin to Hacıbektaş district in the first place and said they plan to submit Cultural Center. In his statement to the Photo Özciv , Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, associations shortly after the meeting with their \"public interest employee associations , \"he said of receiving the status is a welcome development . Prime Minister Davutoğlu's Alevi issues with experienced in friendly steps the framework of the horse concerned that they are pleased with this development emphasizes Özciv said, \"we are for the public benefit associations status We deal with approximately 23 years. This fight was not very close process, but Mr. Obama showed intimacy and closeness in this regard . She made her philanthropic association status 10 days after our meeting with him . we would like to thank him. a first in this decision Alevi associations. Foundations in is only in Ankara Haci Bektas Veli Anatolian Culture Foundation has such a status . with us both in Alevi associations and foundations has been received this status . Hacıbektaş our town has a magnificent Cemevinin and cultural center needs such as Süleymaniye and Selimiye Mosque . of such a project worthy of our Hacıbektaş district will struggle to implement . we have requested the allocation of a place at the Prime Minister in this regard and further days on the project We will begin to work . Alevi problem can not be solved only allow our association status of public benefit associations . Alevi community needs to fight for the solution of problems of parliamentary politics . Firstly, we need to regulate the status of cem house.'Alevi cem house is the central belief of the society'of the phrase is supposed to enter into the constitution. If this happens in politics ends made ​​from games played over the Alevis Alevis also ends . Such a law would solve the fundamental problems of the Alevis , \"he said .

'Haci Bektas Veli Cultural Association'What PBO Association Granting Status" comments for.


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