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  • 07 Ocak 2014, Salı 10:33

Had Bart's Culture and Tourism Cities

Had Bart's Culture and Tourism Cities
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AK Party Deputy Bart Yılmaz Tunç,"Bartin gave importance to culture and tourism investments,"he said.

Bartın news: AK Party Deputy Bart Yılmaz Tunç,"Bartin gave importance to culture and tourism investments,"he said. AK Party deputy Yılmaz Tunç
Bart Bart's rich culture and tourism potential to mobilize investment gave great importance to culture and tourism, said the ruling made significant investments in this area during the period they announced.
Deputy Bronze,"Bartin province since it became the cultural and artistic events, congresses and conferences can be held, theater performances can be made a center of culture, unfortunately, could not be performed., 1993, the foundation laid, but 30 percent left to rot construction had. We The existing structure re-seismic retrofit and supply procurement performing arts center completed construction. Bart's Cultural Centre within the library, art gallery, exhibition hall, art-sculpture workshop, a 400-seat large hall, 110 persons small living room, artist guesthouses, folk dance hall, cafeteria and similar departments have done. Cultural Center of our services with the opening in Bartin a huge lack of resolve we have. Historic Bart's homes feet up, 89 pieces of a historic house restoration project to help've made. 25 historic house restoration project for the application aids have made. Amasra tunnel, Amasra passenger marina, Amasra Teachers, especially in ashland important tourism investments have implemented. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Monument, Statue of Ataturk and landscaping the appropriation of Culture and Tourism Ministry have provided. Amasra Museum, a belt and Kemerdere Bridge repair We have introduced. Percent 52 Bart within the boundaries of finding the Kure Mountains National Park for the significant investments they had done and Directorate Bartin will open stating deputy Bronze, Kure Mountains National Park Ulukaya village Promotion and Visitor Center, Treatment Sogutlu village Promotion and Visitor Center opened,"he said.

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