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  • 25 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 11:28

Had Bozüyük CHP Candidate Text Torun

Had Bozüyük CHP Candidate Text Torun
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Bilecik Bozüyük Text grandson of the CHP was mayor candidate.

Bilecik Bozüyük Text grandson of the CHP was mayor candidate. Former Mayor Mehmet Talat
Bakkalcıoğl and Text grandson was nominated and Bozüyük preference for the General Assembly of the Central Party has used since the text grandchildren. Text grandchildren, 22 December 2013 by decision of the CHP, the CHP Party parliamentary candidate for Mayor was Bozüyük. Text grandson after the announcement of his candidacy Bakkalcıoğl also issued a message to him to be nominated by the party was to thank all who supported.
Text grandson April 11, was born in 1971 in Bozüyük. Respectively Atatürk Primary School, Secondary School and Bozüyük Republic studied in high school. Gazi University, Department of Industrial Engineering in 1988 and in 1992 graduated from won. In 1993-1994, did his military service as a lieutenant. After completing his military service in Bozüyük began its commercial life. Bozüyük Chamber of Commerce and was a member of the Assembly. CHP elected to the Municipal Council in 2009 Torun, currently holds the position of councilor Bozüyük Municipality. CHP congress held on 6 May 2012 in Bozüyük District Chairman, held on 12 June 2012 the CHP, the CHP congress Bilecik Bilecik conference delegates were selected. Finally, on 22 December 2013 by the decision of the CHP Party Assembly CHP Bozüyük was nominated for Mayor. Can Text grandson who is married to the granddaughter, is the father of three children.

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