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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 15:02

Had Czech Documentary Films where children

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Children's films produced in Mersin ,'My brother's movie'name was documentary .

Children's films produced in Mersin ,'My brother's movie'name was documentary . Mersin Cinema Society 10 children by distributing cameras , wanted to take the daily life of the project came to life . Children's films produced by combining 75-minute'brother's film documentary emerged. In a written statement from Mersin
Cinema Society , with the support of the Ministry of Interior Department of Associations prepared by the project, the famous director Steven Spielberg stated that the realization of the dream-like . In a statement , Ankara Cinema Association undertakes the construction of the project Governorship of Mersin, Mersin Provincial Directorate of National Education , Turkey Young Businessmen Association (TÜGİAD ) and Entrepreneur Business Women's Association ( GİŞKAD ) with the support was carried out , produced Gürhan sing and Narcissus Iron and his expression was . Especially in Mersin East and Southeast Anatolia regions migrated children in Mersin in rural living nomadic children learn from each other to enable them'my brother's movie'project, the implementation of which is expressed in a statement, \"organized under the project scenario, competition is determined by 10 children cameras were distributed. Away from children daily lives and asked to take and the resulting images 75 minutes'brother's film documentary emerged. Fully children captured images by studies that used in the coming days the child will meet \"the statement said .
Project Coordinator, Director Yasin Korkmaz said in a statement , Istanbul's cultural colorfulness that blended with the richness of children's films is the director noted that both players . Working completely natural and children themselves are the product underlines Korkmaz , \"What a scenario nor a fictional intervention are . We just pulled the images they rude fiction we had. Most minor interventions did not have . Man does not know fear and fear is hate . We here Based on Steven Spielberg's social responsibility project we have applied our city . Master gönderceğiz a copy to the director and I'll invite you to the premiere of Spielberg , \"he said .

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