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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:47

Had De intervening tribes Process Solutions

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Siirt's largest opinion-makers from Sheikh Muinnid you Aydin , Siirt and Arabs living in the vicinity of all the chieftains of the village Tillo was found to support the solution process by collecting suggestions from the provinces .

Siirt news: Photo Cooperative Aydin's house in the neighborhood of Sheikh crowd gathered , prayed at the madrasa before . Then the great hall in the crowd of Kurdish Intellectuals appeal , referring to the law of brotherhood in Islam , said that time is the time of unity and brotherhood . Mübin religion of Islam , voicing mention the legal fraternity praised Aydin , that conversation where the brotherhood, brother Turks, Kurds and Arabs have no right to persecute each other , he said . Aydın stated that there was no political purpose of the collection here, \"Our region has suffered so much . 30 years is required to submit contributions flowing blood and the everyone in the peace process initiated termination point of tears. Peace of the great trial will be troubled . We need patience to show . We should do this for the Messenger of Allah for God. See, 6-7 was a devastating event for our city, everyone experienced in October . let us pray that does not happen again. Because Siirt knowledge is wisdom abroad , have grown to demand thousands of country of our cities , is still growing demand , lore dealing . Tillo in the great cause of people in each district and borough lies the great Islamic jihadists . Siirt is not a suitable place for such events. Let's not allow to persecution . Because religious CHU-i, prohibits oppressing Islam. our religion has forbidden even tormenting the neighbors. on the contrary to our liking our each ordered us to peek . a dispute between the two sides If there are parties to be reconciled fight , \"he said . Photo Aydin indicating that the Islamic religion religious tolerance , \"the Prophet was given the penalty to one drink a timely manner. One companions , drink, read the damn man that he was very upset that the Prophet ,'and her curse , hold the hands and pray , \"he commanded . As a result, Islam is a religion of tolerance, religion , a religion that has commanded to love our each other , \"he said . Photo chieftains living in Siirt , great family representatives from the provinces of the Arabs living in the neighborhood in Tillo village , meeting with the participation of Siirt notable , given the location table ended with dinner served.

Had De intervening tribes Process Solutions" comments for.


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