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  • 28 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 10:22

Had Disease Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Hope

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4-year-old child suffering from Cerebral Palsy, obtained from cord blood was transplanted stem cells.

Cerebral Palsy patient 4-year-old child, cord blood derived stem cells was transplanted.
Cryo-Save Group statement made by, in Spain a 4 year old girl with cerebral palsy to treat their own cord blood derived stem cell transplant were noted.
Transport, Madrid Nino Jesus Hospital Superintendent Dr. oncohematology Department. Luis Madero was carried out by. 3 infancy cerebral palsy treatment Apply once the DR. Luis Madero,"This type of treatment very early research stages, despite being with stem cells, the regenerative therapy of the nervous tissue renews and brain damage to repair a treatment option it is believed that,"he said.
Of this treatment, the child's birth during the cord blood Cryo-Save by cryopreservation is possible thanks that said the Cryo-Save's temporary CCO and CEO of Home Mattila,"this kind of operation to be successful, the patient's cryopreserved stem cells to the quality of reliance of the study in terms of success is of great importance. Cryo-Save constantly all , sought for cord blood storage requirements to fulfill. doctor who treated them at the same time our patients' needs are very pleased with being able to go again,"he said.

Had Disease Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Hope" comments for.


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