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  • 10 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 10:26

Had hip replacement surgery is 107 years old

Had hip replacement surgery is 107 years old
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Alaşehir falling down the steps at his home in Umm love hip bones breaking 107-year-old , a successful surgery despite advanced age, was brought back to health .

Manisa news: Alaşehir at home in the stairs , down the hip bone broke the 107-year-old Umm love , older age, despite a successful surgery again became healthy .
Akkeçili in the neighborhood of his son Ali Askin next to the remaining six children Umm love , about 10 days before the house before exiting the stage fell , losing balance . Alaşehir taken to the hospital by his son Ali Love the old woman was diagnosed with hip fractures . Orthopaedic Specialist Gokhan Erdem Niyazi as age of the patient should undergo a risky surgery , but it would not be possible without surgery to get rid told the relatives of patients . Despite his advanced age, love Umm entering a risky surgery , spent a successful operation . Approximately 3 hours after surgery in the hospital under treatment for some time held the old woman recovered and was discharged from the hospital .
Umm Love's grandson, Scion Tiller (50 ), \"My grandma front of the house the two-digit fell down the stairs . Doctors hip fracture was diagnosed . surgery would be risky , but no other remedy being said. us surgery allow about where we get an autograph and they after my mother underwent surgery. now we are very happy to have their health , \"he said .
grandmother of 107 years old , indicating that the Scion Nephew , \"molasses , yogurt, honey lot of space. Only the ears can not hear . Its also no cure .'s Health in place , all the needs he can see . Doctors and medical team would like to thank . herein can not be cured if in big cities we have a very tormented , \"he said .
Umm love about the status of giving information Orthopaedic Specialist Niyazi Gokhan Erdem , \"Our patient's right hip fracture with diagnosis underwent surgery. Age as a risky surgery was . However, such fractures underwent surgery does not cure . risk risking our hospital, the facilities are good because underwent surgery and was very successful . treated patient after a week we've discharged in a healthy way , \"he said .

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