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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:54

Had Hope Sodes Women in Aksaray

Had Hope Sodes Women in Aksaray
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Thanks to the sewing workshop Aksaray Ortaköy district established under the bond Vault village women who are employed in a Social Support project also started to contribute to the family budget.

Aksaray news: Photo Aksaray Governor of Honour attack of her husband Adil Ataklı , with the deputy governor Tolga Polat's wife, Asuman Polat , Falcon Bayhan'ın's wife Asie Laura, Ortakoy District Governor Harun Başıbüyük wife Fadime Başıbüyük and Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation of the Manager Melih Air founded in villages consisting of tombs covered with a Social Support Project team made ​​observations in sewing workshops. Project manager Vault Secondary School Deputy Director Dogan received information from Adil Ataklı , grounded only by women living in the villages , when the animal is not given the opportunity is what can achieve the best example seen in the Vault village and told great pleasure . Photo Stitch research done in consultation with women working in the studio information on the Governor Honour attack of her husband Adil Ataklı , \"In the beginning the project coordinator is that I would like to thank everyone who contributed , including Bey. I congratulate also our Women's our girl. as they learned under the project work, the continuation of the project, they will have contributed to the household economy. what the SODES projects so that it is useful , we have seen a more \"he said. Stating that the regular income of the villagers Project Officer will Dogan, \"Our village's citizens consists of more disadvantaged groups. Together with our governor , we did a project work.'This is How can we provide a source of income to our people ?\"We thought. We found the resort in sodesa . 35 with the acceptance of the project women we helped to achieve both , we teach professional income , \"he said . stating that
project in late August established as supported , although the finished state continued the work of the workshop nature, \"where the Turkish flag, we plant things like overalls . especially Turkish Flag for we receive the orders from Turkey in different places . Flag Our convenient as both very good quality price . we are preferred Therefore . we started to sell official institutions and the market. so they will contribute to the women in our family economy, \"he said.


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