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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:45

Had millions pilgrims

Had millions pilgrims
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Pilgrims from different continents of the world to hundreds of thousands of pilgrims coming to the Holy Land was .

Mekke news: On Friday evening to staying in Arafat plain from the sun after sunset 15 kilometers away from Muzdalifah in Muslims here, stone picking Foundation after doing in the morning in Mina devil threw stones .
Cemerat ( devil grinding ) the great Satan 7 throwing stones pilgrims , Makkah Al-Mukarramah came . Who was Temed pilgrimage to shave in the morning to cut the victims came out of ihram . Get out of ihram after the feast day of visit and number of finishers circumambulating pilgrims were fulfilling obligations . Some pilgrims in ihram as some ihramsız the pilgrimage last assumed the visit circumambulate and wajib on the number of the Kaaba-i enormous Also making the pilgrims was .
World from different countries to the Holy Land from about 2.5 million people , yesterday morning against a great multitude, Muzdalifah from Mina came to grinding the devil . Plain of Arafat, Muzdalifah from each country allocated to them for the transition to the use of roads by groups of Muslim countries held nine separate flank down towards Mecca . 9 Turkish pilgrims in Muzdalifah at the end of the road and the space allotted to them in tents cem evening and night prayers (merge) made ​​by . Here, pilgrims collect hazelnut-sized 70 stone the devil at the first day by washing preparations did they move 7 . To move towards Mina after midnight the pilgrims on foot , walk ways or means allocated to them to the point of grinding the devil in Mina passed. 2 years ago in grinding the devil put into service with the 3rd floor on the 4th floor of the pilgrims from Indonesia to Turkey and Saudi government allocates , for this particular novel was completed and commissioned in walking paths . Cemarat spend two newly opened tunnel to the 3rd floor of Turkish pilgrims who easily threw stones first day of the great Satan 7 . Besmele and takbirs in ihram after grinding with the hotel leading to the discontinuation of the victims of Turkish pilgrims waited , thank goodness . The victim was cut on the news , shaved and ihram from pilgrims from normal clothes and visit circumambulate for the Kaaba-i the Great's path kept.
Millions in ihram , pilgrims of Mecca, but on the streets flood of people to create the world's most interesting scenes is considered one . Resulting from grinding the devil in Mina venues, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims flock to the streets of Mecca disbanded. Traffic on the streets can partially take the lead pilgrims rushed to the Haram al-Sharif . Although it is not obligatory for the pilgrims in Makkah, many pilgrims in the morning and in the first light of day for the Eid prayer at the Kaaba found . Haji half of the two-day , Arafat and Muzdalifah ihram and quit the program went to the hotel from the fatigue . Turkish pilgrims most of ihram after exiting pilgrimage last assumed the visit circumambulate the wajib one of the count to fulfill the feast on the first day until midnight visit circumambulate's doing .
Especially from African countries land and by sea to come for Hajj days in difficult conditions undergoing pilgrims candidates farewell circumambulation after making the visit and are leaving the city . Large part of the Turkish pilgrims from the 4th day of Eid from Mecca to Medina to leave or will be returned to their countries . 25th of October, the Turkish pilgrims leave Makkah Al-Mukarramah will . 2 more days grinding pilgrims will go to the devil . The second and third day of the great Satan the devil is not only in grinding , small and medium-devil evil 7 to 21 stone will be discarded.

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