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Had Püskevit Mobile Games

Had Püskevit Mobile Games
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Among mobile applications in the last days \"Tongue-Twister War\"is the rhyme game, the Turkish version of the Nationalist Movement Party leader Devlet Bahceli vehicles are popular in social media discourse between the rhymes .

Erzurum news: Photo of a rising star recently Located on the Android platform application draws users attention . Prepared by Fubusoft is the developer Tongue-Twister War is the game besides the rhyme familiar gaming Turkish version of the Rhymes War called the Nationalist Movement Party Chairman gave Devlet Bahceli place in the words that are popular in social media .
\"You will find the 5 friends at primary school , from secondary 5 you will find your friends , you will find 5 friends from the military , neighborhood friends from'll find the 5 of them , you will find the street the 4 friends . \",\"children in your home, you are sitting lined up in front of the television , chocolates in the hands of the children of the ads on your counter Püskevit they're catering to each other , they are joking they're eating each other ! \"\"There are also two zero when writing 2009 . Welcome zero. delete zero left side of nine . Moreover Does nine ? two has a zero Besides , you have it delete. Moreover have two ? collect , what does it do? 11 in. two zeros in the 2009, delete you . What was left ? had 29 . collect Penalty to twenty-nine , makes forty and the Nationalist Movement Party's 40th anniversary ! \"as it is placed in a very promise practices become famous .
statement,\"Rhymes war, the practice can evaluate your leisure It is a game. In practice against your coming rhymes , you earn points by reading after pressing the microphone. If you take a look at how accurate score will increase. At the same time as fast as you read for 45 seconds during the game will give you more points \"will be located and any special permission during setup of the game do not want Android users can download free via the Google Store .

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