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  • 09 Şubat 2014, Pazar 02:25

Had Thesis Sırrıpaşa Wall Murals

Had Thesis Sırrıpaşa Wall Murals
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Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality made by the restoration, the mansion's walls Sırrıpaş award-winning photos, Hacettepe University, was the subject of the thesis.

Kocaeli news:  Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality made by the restoration, the mansion's walls Sırrıpaş award-winning photos, Hacettepe University, was the subject of the thesis. Faculty in the Department of History of Art studying ALTINTEN Amal, as prepared by thesis successfully graduated from the school with the restoration of Sırrıpaş. Kandıral ALTINTEN which, in my own city unearthed an ancient work on his thesis to graduate from the school said it was a source of pride for him.
Ankara Hacettepe University Faculty of Arts Department of Art History graduate thesis while studying in their final year of preparation desired by Amal Altıntekin to mind in Izmit Metropolitan Mansion came Sırrıpaş ongoing restoration. In 2013 it transferred to the ALTINTEN thesis advisor, received a positive response immediately went to work. Sırrıpaş the Konağı'yl about the necessary preliminary engaged ALTINTEN, restoration work is done in the host murals viewed and photographed.
Turkey's various forward friends from the thesis in the preparation when he his country in Kocaeli restored a work study on not tell you the pride of who experienced ALTINTEN, was the story that they lived in those days:
'' We choose our own in the final year dissertation topic. The subject of the mural was the Ottoman thesis advisor. I've lived in the mansion in the city in Kocaeli Sırrıpaş told him that in my area photos. I'm so glad to hear that restored. My teacher was very glad to be reintegrated in such a work. I live for the city prepare a thesis for my I enjoyed the''
Sırrıpaş the Mansion on each floor differently by local artists in various forms, wall paintings done that transfers ALTINTEN, his graduation thesis, a very high score saving Sırrıpaş the mansion re-visit was once again admire this unique work. Thesis during the host's internal teşrifat yet incomplete reminding ALTINTEN recent visit by what they saw once more his admiration did not hide.
Sırrıpaş Mansion as a work in Kocaeli to the presence and restored today in bringing an art historian as happy voicing ALTINTEN ' 'In my study for their assistance Historic Places and Urban Aesthetics Branch Manager of the volcano Senel, school my teachers, I would like to thank my classmates. While this study has the overwhelming support of my family saw it. Not be restored by the Metropolitan was saved from the historic mansion. The mansion's restoration of cultural heritage in terms of great importance,'' he said.
Historical Cities Union Practice Award winner Sırrıpaş the mansion's university graduation thesis be addressed as well as the Kocaeli's historic fabric for the academic studies is growing rapidly . Currently, over 10 universities across Turkey by scholars and students in the graduate and undergraduate theses about 25 different ready.

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