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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:29

Hailing Thermal Power Plant Response

Hailing Thermal Power Plant Response
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Made in Bursa Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone continues to increase desired responses thermal power plant .

Bursa news: Photo Demirtas thermal power plant to be built in the planned sitting of citizens reacted. Central Osmangazi citizens residing in the township Fair neighborhood , DOSAB No Platform Thermal Power Plant , Chamber of action and made with Nature-Der members . City because it is close to the center of voicing their opposition switchboard parish , chanted slogans against the thermal power plant . Durmusch speaking on behalf Photo Neighborhood Berk, \"DOSAB electricity and steam needs of mainly the heart of the city to reduce the cost of the firm to meet with gas coal-fired thermal wants to build power plants. ignored by millions of people living in this city, only to be installed central to monetize a portion industrialists. coal-fired this central committee if not just near residential areas , all Bursa damaged. for Snow, lives of so many people for money may be endangered , \"he he said. expressing could not even open the windows
night hours Hearts Delidu man said, \"here, thermal power plants, we do not want to breathe the gas and poison. this project will poison people in the city . they put an end to the future of our children . our day after tomorrow children, our grandchildren when patients think they blame us. Please note that this evil should not make us green Bursa, \"he said.
Then the action ended without incident .


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