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  • 22 Mart 2013, Cuma 08:52

Hair Legend Is it real?

Hair Legend Is it real?
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The ancients to explain the truth behind the eight fraud shining hair health:

Have you ever wondered

, ear ringing myth old wives' hair tricks or just about does it really work? For you, set aside the legends of the facts:

EM 100 times every night to hit combos, gives the hair health. Sleeping Beauty, silk hair can crawl for hours, but in real life, over scan, break ends and hair breakage causes, says North Hollywood hairdresser B2V salon hair designer Mauricio Ribeiro is doing.

However, this does not mean that you should comb your hair at all, your hair before going to bed for a minute to scan, provide a natural scalp oils, lubrication, and ends dry bottoms, prevent the spread of inputs. Ribeiro, recommend that you use a natural bristle brushes are large. Nylon bristles adhering to the hair its shine will reveal the natural ones.


take heed of the through

1 inches, provides your hair growth faster.

celebrities such as Brooke Shields and Kirsten Dunst hair stylist Allen Edwards, says that it is a common misconception. Ends affiliated accelerate elongation, but get rid of broken ends. Up to 1 inch per month at an average of the longer hair, haircut will not take long to recover part.

fresh lemon juice and sunlight, creates natural shadows.

freshly squeezed lemon juice, citric acid, but the sun will hair color with a slight harmful UV şınları when combined dry and irritate your hair can lead to a break, says Ribeiro. Instead, hairdresser, or a couple of easy to use Get shading shadow eklettirin sets. The sun hits your hair shade to dispose of a number of sections-the upper part of the hair, such as bangs or-natural hair image will open in the sun.

weak and thin hair strands to apply baby powder, yassılaşan revitalizes hair.

of Los Angeles, George Clooney and Josh Duhamel employees and customers with the Diana Schmidtke, says it is one of the oldest numbers. Powder absorbs oil and restore lost volume to your hair will add at least partially. Marie antoniett a flick to not look like a powder stick to it. Places near you that sells beauty supplies or to see the colored powder.

pull off white hair, is caused by the overgrowth of two times.

"The only way to bleaching your hair more white hair, plug in your head,"says Edwards. Hair follicles, the coloring pigment producing melanocytes to produce which consists of white hair stops. If it happens that determines genetic. You do not like white hair? So, as much as 6 to 12 wash-resistant, apply semi-permanent dye.

Cold rinse your hair shine.

cold water, hair kütiküllerini flattens a softer surface that reflects light and creates more. So yeah, I get chilled for a bit more shiny hair, says Christopher Santa Monika'daki Doves Dove Studios partners. Cold water is not good with a moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing hair mask by applying the cream immediately after use, and can achieve the same result.

Silk pillow to sleep holsters, badge protects your hair and reduces elektriklenmesini.

Certainly it works."Silk pillow case, while you sleep
lead to contamination of the natural oil in your hair or not to suck,"says
Schmidtke. 'I koruyabilecektir hair style longer.'

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