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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:49

Hair planted Lifetime

Hair planted Lifetime
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FBM Medical Center Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Assoc.

Samsun news: FBM Medical Center Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr.. Vital Akbas, loss of hair planted condition, whether said lifetime.
of baldness in both men and women, indicating that a very negative sense FBM Medical Center Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr.. Vital Akbas,"No man or woman to be bald and hair not want to lose. But unfortunately genetic reasons men a significant portion of the female part of the hair loss and baldness can occur. Especially in males resulting baldness serious illnesses and everyday life occurs within that a number of negative causes. success in the sense of self in social life, in the negative causes. Hair loss in a man of his life in any period began the baldness occurs before the period of plantation recommend. Nowadays plantation outside the treatment of baldness successful there is no way. thousands of drugs, spray, vegetable or vegetable non-drugs are on the market. none of them also on hair loss treatment is concerned it is not. Baldness today in the amelioration of the most successful method of hair transplant or hair is. Hair transplantation in the last 10 years very successfully evolved and very natural hair transplant emerges. developments in the techniques used by plastic surgeons and the team's success in this regard is the increase of the experience,"he said.
of hair transplantation in the Black Sea also very common structures underlines the Akbash,"Black Sea Region, the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery One of the plantation is. especially among men, the most commonly performed cosmetic applications is hair transplant. because men most important accessory organs of the hair. genetic or other reasons that hair lost if the men a severe shortage occurs. Hair transplantation is the most used method, individual hair by taking the missing places is transferred. Hair transplantation in man's own hair is made from any allergies or discomfort is not likely. Hair transplantation success rate in the 99 percent to are becoming. Especially men baldness, although problems, although the baldness of their spirit world and psychology more or less influence. This then men all my life and all life negatively influence. in Turkey, especially in Istanbul in many cities plantation are. This cultivation of the surgery center or hospital environments need to be done. surgery, a plastic surgery specialist in control of or under his leadership these operations need to be done,"he said.
"transplanted hair SPILL"
to the hair of one's own hair because of allergies or side effects have stated that the Akbash,"the transplanted hair will not shed. Hair transplantation after in that area again hair loss happens. Naturally made a hair on that person's hair his even incomprehensible. Hair transplantation in men only, not in women, are also available. But hair transplant is a very large group of men form, at least one portion of the female form. because hair loss in women compared to men is less. some people for various reasons eyebrow loss also experienced. eyebrows our face important aesthetic unit. cases like this eyebrow transplantation is performed to obtain successful results,"he said.

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