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  • 29 Mart 2013, Cuma 08:49

Hair spring ready?

Hair spring ready?
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Hair, spring ready? Blonde brunette, long hair that fleeting look at our advice before proceeding segments.

your hair to get rid of a uniform appearance-for years, always the same cut, the same color-and put your life in order to achieve a new look. Many experts before changes in large changes in a small but meticulously decided to start work and recommend you to be open to unexpected discoveries.

"I like women to be open to new experiences,"says Beverly Hills working as a specialist in hair dye and styling Jon Patrick,"but you have to calculate the risks thoroughly."All looks upon a change in orientation of experts to provide If you need advice, read our article.

hair extensions

the most elegant form of hair extensions, Corby"clean length"the name given, corresponding to the middle of the neck with chin cut. Try fixing this by going to the length of a hairdresser every six weeks. Kâküllerinizi are extending the hairdresser, cutting this short while mixing kâküllerinizi leave a strand as a forelock.

hair cut

Do not be regret because we exchanged

hair color

Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow Do you remember the time they returned a few years ago kumrala? Hall of anagen hair coloring working as a specialist in New York, Andrea Sher,"Suddenly all the blondes, dark began to ask, 'he says."I have 'No, you want to change,"I said,' he adds.

To find the appropriate shadow tones your skin tone

consult your paint. If you want highlights, how much shade will remove your hair without damaging the hair or the color of the problem is to open the path and it will take several sessions. Do not forget how to maintain the conversation."Hair tonunuzdan two to three tons lighter or darker shades require more maintenance,"warns Viel,"Straight hair, curly hair requires a touch higher than, straight hair because the hair more visible prolonged troughs."

About the Author: Shelley Levitt, Self-EM magazine
former editor and writer at the same time. The Style Glossy 'EM also frequently edition of the writings of Turkey

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