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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 08:53

Hakkari ADSM Western Standards Service Gives Over

Hakkari ADSM Western Standards Service Gives Over
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Turkey is equipped with the latest technology standards appropriate to the task and made ​​about 20 physicians Hakkari Oral and Dental Health Center ( ADSM ) , serves on the western standards.

Hakkari news: Photo Dağgöl Quarter on Civil Sancar Street opened in 2008 and at that time he served only two dentists ADSM Hakkari , Turkey began with the arrival of dentists to serve with suitable equipment standards. 20 physicians and 80 staff serving Hakkari ADSM special children's treatment may be clinical , Turkey in accordance with the standard new sterilization unit, two X-ray machine the latest technology , no implant therapy in ADSM in many cities , padding, treatment of gum disease , all types of fixed and mobile prostheses and children for preventive dentistry given many services such as applications. demand renewing a Photo website and complaints in the area was said to serve while the Hakkari adsm'n the emergency room on weekdays until 24:00 every day .
expressed their satisfaction with the adsm'y Gurbet Özkan Stone, thanking the dentist to provide the best service to them , expressed their satisfaction. Weekend clinic which dentists on call for heavy patients received full marks from the locals. Photo Hakkari is Tanyürek Orhan Director of Oral and Dental Health Center , Hakkari is worthy of the best in the service of the people and that citizens are doing their utmost to prevent the victim .

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