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  • 04 Mart 2013, Pazartesi 17:02

Hakkari bitter news arrived!

Hakkari bitter news arrived!
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Hakkari Mountain and Commando Brigade headquarters to the seizure of two commandos of the other 'sub-circuit, the upper circuit' debate, the pain is over.

Other Ahmet Demir, who shot and killed his chest with the upper circuit of Ramadan, the Altai, and then put an end to the life of the infantry rifle and shot himself. Ahmet Demir, is married and the father of a child killed by a gun that his friend, terhisine also stated that 2.5 months.

Event last Saturday at 17.00 ranks Hakkari Mountain and Commando Brigade Command has occurred. Values ​​to change the seizure of the Altai Ramadan with Ahmet Demir, 'came the discussion of the upper circuit and lower devre'meselesi.

Discussion, mutual insults turned to Kagaya, allegedly sooner Ahmet Demir, sub-circuit, which Ramadan Altay throat and squeezed. In the meantime, the next Ramadan Altai infantry rifle pointing Ahmet Demir pulled the trigger.

Sooner Iron died at the scene a bullet hit his chest, Altai inside the guard booth and waited for the door closing. Rushing to the scene of gunfire military officials have called the ambulance. Ramadan is trying to convince the commanders of the Altai, the rifle resting next to him wanted to move close to one.

In the meantime, turn to him the Altai in the series again, the infantry rifle pressed the trigger. Altai, the third bullet in the gun in succession fell to the ground covered in blood. Health care team must immediately run, set Altay lost their lives.

friend Ahmet Demir, giving life to the bullet weapon, is married and the father of one child, and was recorded terhisine 2.5 months. Autopsies of soldiers in Van Demir Gaziantep, Adiyaman is registered in the Altay said.

the progress of the investigation on the incident.


Hakkari friend was killed by a gun put forward other arguments with the funeral of Ahmet Demir, large and small hometown village in the district of Gaziantep, a car was buried amidst tears.

Sooner Ahmed Araban'ın and small, in the village for the funeral of Iron, a car Karabektaş Serhat Deputy Governor, Deputy Mayor and military officials, and about 500 people attended Friday marrow. 5'incisi nine brothers and soldiers at the funeral of Ahmet Demir before the other worker, mother and sisters Kurdish laments 67-year-old Rabia lit. Anne Rabia Iron,"I sent my son to enlist burning henna, henna kuzuma I could not have commanders. I have safely delivered my son, they sent me a funeral,"he shed tears.

Uncle 49-year-old Waqas Iron in the"My nephew is discussed with his friend Ahmed guard tower. Gerger Then Adiyaman infantry rifle guard was killed by a soldier friend of Ramadan Altai. then committed suicide by pointing his rifle infantry Altai Ramadan. now killed my nephew does not count. nephew Mike's martyrdom would like to be counted. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan would like to help us in this regard,"he said.

exhausted and run-down that appears in 70-year-old father Joe Bloggs"My son was killed. I know that. Chief of General Staff said it was not a martyr. son soldiers killed in mine. else is not in place. It will not let it go. incident illumination and the commanders to keep a lawyer will give the court,"he said.

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