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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 16:07

Halilhodzic:\"We would be surprised Rostov Qualification \"

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Trabzonspor coach Vahid Halilhodzic , stating that they are not yet ready as a team , the UEFA Europa League Play-off tour would be the surprise of the qualifying competition in Rostov said.

Trabzon news: Trabzonspor coach Vahid Halilhodzic , stating that they are not yet ready as a team , the UEFA Europa League Play-off tour would be the surprise of the qualifying competition in Rostov said. Halilhodzic , with Malouda is brought clarity to the live event . Trabzonspor coach Vahid Halilhodzic
and young goalkeeper Ibrahim Demir, tomorrow night in the UEFA Champions League Play-off round before the match which will be played in Rostov Mehmet Ali Yilmaz Facility held a press conference . Halilhodzic , a very troubled period they had said, \"Exactly 35 days Trabzonspor'd am. 35th day, about 365 daily events took place. Know one thing I is 35 days from the plant where it can come . These as a troublesome process, it would be I did not think . Certain events earlier, prepared and have settled that I was expecting . Tomorrow official competitions begin. this process , unfortunately, a friendly match with could get . so many problems , I have to think about issues there . you've said it before , both teams literally might not be ready . Unfortunately, the last of the transfers all UEFA list could not attend. this match very important for us , \"he said .
\" TWO MATCHES AS A RESULT wE WANT TO SIFT our competitor \"
Halilhodzic president Abraham Hacıosmanoğlu pass in the direction of the tour from them stating that request , \"That's why I rely on the team's desire and willingness needed. based on its team spirit and mental strength I need to do . behave in this way, we will fight to maximum power . Since we're watching a couple of the opposing team . I went to Russia , even an assistant coach had the opportunity to watch two matches . Competitors were able to examine the positive and negative aspects of our team . Our competitor league and preparations began before us . They probably perform 10 competitions . So these are some advantageous aspects . Even if you have not had a good beginning of the season I watched every game and I saw a good team . A team that is capable of many opportunities . Now I do not know how many penalties were able to win a penalty in almost every game that I've studied positions . Defensive struggles literal sense of a very successful team . Despite the advantageous aspects of our opponents so we make our utmost surprise would like to perform tomorrow evening . We want our opponent as a result of two matches in qualifying . In fact, I say it would be difficult even if we are obliged to do so , \"he said.
\" ROSTOV our TARGET If we need to talk ELE \"
moment European competition would be difficult to identify a target for voicing Halilhodzic , said:
\"Although we have realized this competition two months later than today, you can present a very different conversation . Probably everyone has many expectations from this team . Probably with the arrival of Vahid teacher , almost as if there were a magic wand in his hand a week may have thought he could handle anything but what it is today , unfortunately the situation . Trabzonspor in the European Cup last year was a very nice attitude . What happens this year is literally hard to say. Rostov could address the team , if handled well for us in terms of morale , both in terms of power would be a great source of energy . If we pass this tour Trabzonspor's objectives, expectations in Europe then need to talk . \"
Halilhodzic , a newspaper ,'Rostov'you said it would be a surprise elements here , it really is so hard ,'the question, \"would be a great success . Currently we have yet to win a match . Unfortunately, with our staff , we have made a single friendly match . They made ​​at least 10 matches and leagues began . As I said, this match had been two months in the future or if we have played 5-6 match , now share with you something completely different from what I could tell . This last month's 13 staff in my hand if it were in my hand and if I had worked with them in Rostov tomorrow you could definitely say that we will overcome . Everyone should know that , unfortunately, the team is not ready. This team as Constantine was able to add a player or a player like Mehmet Ekici if I would have had more chance . Or Ozer crippled without the situation would be very different \"replied .
\" ONE desire to win if you live Ode Vahid TEACHER \"
Halilhodzic , fans himself aware of the expectations , noting that \"I do not always make positive statements . I speak only the truth that I and my team status . I'm reflects the fact that , the fact that I share . Excuses are not looking , not looking for errors . If you are experiencing one of the desire to win and he is a lecturer Vahid . You can ask again to all players in all this time how much of our work is intense. Everything is transparent , what happened after every workout , you know what happened . Every day you have someone working within that report Trabzonspor . Not a pleasant situation to the moment you are laughing . That's why I'm not hiding anything , \"he said .
\" our night FACTS FULLY Malouda BY fictionalized was an event \"
Trabzonspor coach Vahid Halilhodzic , Malouda lived with debate regarding used the following expressions:
\"You know the first time I'm talking about Malouda , but you are aware of everything anyway. After 5 minutes of the incident, I know that all of you will be notified . Discuss this topic or to talk to people who are either president or teacher . Does not express any of these issues . As a teacher I have to talk about it and when I'm waiting for . Malouda made ​​a mistake , unfortunately, a professional , a great professional made ​​a mistake. I prepared my report in accordance with this report and I wanted to give longer sentences anyway . However, this attitude does not surprise me Malouda . In this club in the same way in the two previous problems experienced instructor . Lived in Chelsea . National team has also lived in Lyon, lived in this state . So this event through our heads was something completely fictionalized by Malouda . Because one day before we were financially take care of everything , the money was paid . To go to a place supposed to produce a remedy and did it. I do not want to give more information or do not want to talk . After that time everyone will accept their own responsibilities and faults . I do not want to talk more about this topic . This topic is closed for me has been forgotten . \"
\" MONEY player who Trabzon does not need to come \"
Halilhodzic , some foreign players in the team blackmail , \"stressing that the transfer within 10 days, 9 have performed very quickly . For the first time in my career , I have encountered a situation that I encounter . Do not want to go , players who want the money to go was awesome . Kevin Constantine did not make the list because of this incident . That's why a few people very angry and this anger actually foreign players . Our club has a lot to these players acted in good faith and, unfortunately, they use it as leverage . We were supposed to open in the quota and they know it , they use it as blackmail . Trabzonspor, in the sense that players and athletes need to be adequately analyzed in terms of both personality . Among the players who like the guy just went Celustka . I went in a dignified manner . Morally good person. Unfortunately, when it comes to money players from here . The only benefit of a player who does not need to come to Trabzonspor , \"he said .
Halilhodzic , the team also expressed 1-2 supplements can do more ,\"Cardozo Cardozo literally be after 2-3 months . So you think some of that; Cardozo will be right tomorrow . So in the face and you have to tell the truth in the face of our fans . With the current situation in this squad Cardozo Let's wait for scoring in every game five . It is our desire and our desire to win is very high. Team spirit is much higher than last year's team spirit . Last season the team apart and a third group of foreigners had separate locals . Nevertheless, it was a success and they finished fourth . This team is not a number any player . A number of the team , leading the team . I see the team's progress . But we need a little more time \"he said .
Young goalkeeper Ibrahim Demir Rostov Trabzonspor match very well prepared , saying, \"We have worked well in our lesson . Second match up to a good score to take the game by a score you want to go , \"he said .

Halilhodzic:\"We would be surprised Rostov Qualification \"" comments for.


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