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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:37

Hamit Altintop from System Emphasis

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Galatasaray footballer Hamit Altintop , fourth star Spor Toto Super League competition is a very caring in a system that will bring success , but it is much more important , he said.

İstanbul news: Photo Hamit Altintop , Galatasaray Magazine in an interview with the November issue , spoke about the race they enter fourth star in the league with Fenerbahce . Altintop , stating that it is very nice to have competition , \"I want four star too ; yes , date to be among the athletes winning it , Galatasaray date I really want to gift it. But to me,'or is it the fourth starsystem will work for many years'If asked , I prefer the system that will bring success. Then you can plug the fourth star, maybe late, but the fifth star , you win even sixth star before anyone else , \"he said .
\" a LONG MARATHON , we are \"< br/> Galatasaray is a good team , that there are talented players and experienced players stressed that they worked very hard , \"We have a long marathon. If we want to overcome the obstacles in front of us this parallel , we must act in unity as a team ,\"he said .
\"< strong> a SYSTEM our QUESTION YES \"Photo players react when they failed in Turkey, emphasizing that it is unconscionable criticism Hamit Altintop , the words continued as follows:Photo \"Still footballer's extreme going on in response to this situation . Our football and who knows who really loves his brother deliberately supposed to land in court. Our youth need it . You have to make great sacrifices to be teacher in Germany. You are entering a very important formation . He graduated from the faculty of education you receive is so important . In Turkey, unfortunately , in many things kaçılıyor easy . We refrain from making sacrifices . Everyone is running in football, everyone is struggling , everyone talented. However, if you do not do them a collective consciousness can not be too much value. Success does not come already . We have a system problem in that sense. \"Photo \" LUCK BETTER NOT HAVE \"Because Photo Lived disability remains far from a long term team and have started to re-form in the last match Hamit Altintop , this season , he said he is feeling better . in the match Borussia Dortmund that take the field at 11 , then Altintop again indicating a chance to form finding step by step is better, \"of course I may have my error in the field , but physics as I get to the point I wanted. I believe in myself after the disability field again because I know where I live and I'd get to the top level. I know that I will go back to that level. These goals are keeping me alive , that I want to accomplish with Galatasaray . Currently got a game every three days . This is also an advantage for us . Because three days after you have a chance to do better , \"he said.
\" changes are difficult \"Photo Passolig system and bleachers in enough fans olmamasına in değinen yellow-red team successful footballer Hamit Altintop , \"we call the derby world , playing Fenerbahce and Galatasaray but not fully charged state . On behalf of an organization is going to a new grandstands . Change is difficult but I do not understand that it's a difficult transition . People can completely break away from the grandstand in the result. It makes our still unplanned , unscheduled movement shows that we have \"ended by saying the words .

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