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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 02:27

Hamzaoğlu:winner against Trabzonspor are pleased to have reached

Hamzaoğlu:winner against Trabzonspor are pleased to have reached
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Sports Betting Super League defeated Trabzonspor 3-0 Akhisar Belediyespor'da Coach Hamza Hamzaoğlu course, they want the league game against Trabzonspor put out a strong team, and said that they were happy to be victorious.

managed application, stating before the match had everything thought to play Hamzaoğlu,"Trabzonspor playing a good team. offense that direction, a strong team. We tried to stop the team from the region close to each other, and keeping them We were successful in this., but found the golden goal in the first half, then had a bit hectic, but our game, we started to have the ball in the second half is a bit more quiet. goal from time to time we caught two counter-attacks were found. I would like to congratulate my players. Both disciplines for staying connected with the game they both had to really fight with devotion."she said.

Hamzaoğlu voicing Gekas should put the issue of,"So, okay Gekas closed last year, our deficit with a very important, major completed our missing. important to us and we love our friends. But they did not get along to love him Although he was not in spite of claiming our. His expectations were different, our what we can do is limited. did not happen, which then goes to the club gidecekse. chose to not call the money. Actually, he wanted a coin and money is no object to him. Maybe we were a little more experienced Super League team, if we were a bit more money perhaps, Gekas'a kasamızda he gave them the money. But given our borders. playing friends are playing a certain extent, is self-sacrifice. Gekas'ın We hope to continue to have these conditions. But I did not choose it by your own, natural. We also kızmıyoruz him. Hopefully, it would be useful to play in the club. Achievement wish him. We will endeavor to continue to be the best way.", he said.

Akhisar Belediyesporlu Bilal said they were happy to come to prevail in short. Bilal,"in National team win for us, it was very nice. We wanted to make up for the past week. Unseemly to us last week, had received an unexpected defeat. These beautiful we have to continue our game. League is very tough. Every match is very important. We know that. If you want to play in the league, I think this is going to get points."she said.

Akhisar Contemporary Belediyesporlu Atan, said:"He yun close as we want to put forth a football. 2-3 position in the first half, we have a little unexpected. dodge goal for these positions later once you've taken control of the game passed us. Especially the second half I think we were very good. A very large community to win the match against the third afternoon at the beginning of something that none of us could have predicted. would like to congratulate my teammates. between National team would like to spend in the best way."

Hamzaoğlu:winner against Trabzonspor are pleased to have reached" comments for.


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