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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 00:12

Hanafi Bostan Turkey Kamu-Sen Announces the Final Declaration

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Kamu-Sen announced that Turkey and the Turkish Education You Hanafi Bostan Turkey Istanbul Provincial Chairman Kamu-Sen Extended Consultation Meeting of civil servants on the economic and social situation and discussed matters related to collective bargaining will be held in 2015 .

İstanbul news: Photo Turkey Kamu-Sen Extended Consultation Meeting of Turkey Chairman of the Public-Sen affiliates, Headquarters Board members , county representatives and in the branch president with the participation of 6 to 9 November 2014 \"Turkey Meeting\"theme under the name of Antalya was performed . Declaration of the results of a public consultation meeting on Turkey and the Turkish Education Sen Sen Istanbul Provincial Chairman Asst. Assoc. Dr. This was announced by M. Hanafi Bostan . Bostan, \"Consultation Meeting in our country have dealt with issues related to the collective bargaining agreements to be made in the economic and social situation , and in 2015 our public officials with the issues on the agenda.\"Photo \"Turkey in social and light of economic developments Kamu-Sen Extended Consultation Meeting'decisions and meeting final declaration received in n as follows , \"said Bostan, \"1-in recent days, terrorism has started climbing again . Sadly year by sacrificing our lives throughout our state that we bring today , in the name of being the victim of betrayal process called evolution , fate unknown this process excuse by , to stay quiet to set up a parallel government in one part of the country , being built for the residence of the baby killer , the secretariat is established. better than good little terrorist organization given concessions , our cities are also increases in violence , is seen as a desire to be drawn into a conflict in our country. in foreign affairs , especially Iraq, Syria wrong policies pursued countries on issues such as the environment in our country has reached a size threatens our security . At this point, any action intended to weigh peace of mind to our and our union is strongly condemn terrorism in Allah, our son who lost their lives mercy , martyr offer our condolences to their families and our nation .
Our citizens and the security brothers fight for the cowardly attack against our officers issuing the streets battle field translated ; bloodshed , caught the traitor aimed at dividing the country by taking can be sentenced to the most severe punishment we reiterate once again our request .
so-called brotherhood and remaining silent betrayal of all kinds of deception will be peace , to sit to the negotiating table with the terrorist organization , to make control of the identity of the terrorists in the city, tax collection, attracting the government to act like a pirate offs ; gives baby killer reputation and initiative , which came hand in hand with terrorists and people who support them and their agencies, their capitulation seeing the situation brought the country , we invite you to come back from the mistakes they made a moment ago . Photo 2 is known, the 2014 and the civil servants and pensions in 2015 collective bargaining was carried out by determination of the increase will be held in August of 2013 . Bargaining should take 30 days, according to the laws, kinds of tricks and associations that have been made by most members of the Desis authorized by saving only 2 interviews were completed as a result of the agreement. Talks are due to be completed 23 days before public officials should have discussed issues and not enough has been under many matters cumene emergent solution. In the so-called reconciliation results provided clear to civil servants'salaries in 2014 £ 123 is 140 pounds to pensions ; In the 2015 case officer and six-month tranches to pensioners decided to make yüzde3 + yüzde3 time , for the year 2014 was seized in a inflation differential of public officials. Photo made ​​in 2014, 123 pounds of increase seems to be 5.2 percent of the reflections on the average salaries of civil servants . However, as the years have occurred in the 10-month period yüzde8,45 inflation , natural gas , electricity , food prices increased by 9 percent next to water yüzde12 , meat and bread yüzde11 , transportation 20 percent , 27 percent were zamlan fruit . Family mandatory spending has increased 410 pounds in 10 months. In the face of these developments is being removed from the 5.3 per cent inflation target of 9.4 percent in 2014 , salaries of the officers by the 5.3 percent inflation target in a sense , have been sentenced to 9.4 percent inflation with the most optimistic approach.
these officers in the light of actual 2014 and 2015 have been wasted , collective bargaining on behalf of the pro-union officers ingenuity has been converted into a handicap . According to the calculations of public officials only loss in 2014 was 12 percent . Photo Turkey as Public-Sen, the melting salary compensation ; seizures increased wages , overtime payments, additional course fees, additional payments, compensation for special services , redress the grievances caused by social benefits; 4/We aimed to , keeping the promises made to help servants ; be extended to cover all civil servants pay raise given to certain sectors and recover from being lost years economically the 2014-2015 year in order to salaries of public servants and pensioners 12 PERCENT ADDITIONAL TIME We declare once more to the public that it has become mandatory to do. < br/> 3-Public Personnel Advisory Board , 4688 Public Officials'Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining has been created according to the Law. Following the demands of collective bargaining conducted in 2012 contains the necessary applications for the salvation of our officers quandary faced for years discussed in the Advisory Committee for Public Officials and agreed to the implementation of many issues. Despite the intervening period of two years has not been a decision on any application . In this regard, adopted in these meetings , a degree granting staff started working after 2005 , the exoneration of disciplinary action , Utilities also to personnel serving staff title AnlArIndA included in the class be given additional indicators , government officials and private sector in the service life of the public as to evaluate the entire vested monthly officials Advisory transported to the agenda of the Board and must be implemented as soon as the issues agreed upon. Photo 4-increasing strategic importance in the field of international the country, and create the added value to some of the interior of the large and important institutions that sustain the employment with the country's economy which provides both and foreign capital that originated with the marketing behind closed doors ; our harbor , we follow a one-hand with concern that our shipyards removed. Founded by taxes paid by our nation and the very notion of the nation's goods, establishment of fire from goods kaçırırca several annual profits to loudly denounced in return, the undermining of the slaughter of workers in those enterprises Turkey Our Kamu-Sen as a bystander is not possible. Established businesses against our country, our country seizing the creation of investment being made impression . These applications are not investing is plundered , the occupation . Turkey Kamu-Sen from the authorities that they keep in the forefront the principles of transparency , the proceeds from privatization made ​​so far , the production made ​​by these organizations , employment and profits of damage , explanation of the economic contribution of the taxes they pay and our country is waiting . The use of public goods in Photo provisions of the Constitution , was organized keeping in the forefront of public interest . Have been made ​​so far ignored the principle of public interest in privatization of our state resources be wasted , our employees have been victimized. In this process through the privatization of public employees lost their jobs close to 200 thousand , were sent to different institutions with frozen wages, families were torn apart , government services started to be outsourced, gördürül hand . Therefore, privatization must be abandoned for a moment before their implementation. Photo 5-Every day dozens of employees are losing their lives because of accidents at work in various parts of our country. Privatization of occupational accidents and widespread sub-contracting in sectors where it is observed to be higher . Outsourcing is spreading wildly as a way of providing lower-cost labor . Soma and Ermenek particularly experienced across our country , including almost every day and all of us as a nation deeply wounded by disasters , sub-contracting , arises as a result of imprudence and individualisation . If adoption of measures relating to occupational health and safety , it seems that the realization of this disaster. In this regard, disregard of human life is , a profit that third labor , makes sense in an environment where more species of fourth party organization . Turkey Kamu-Sen, who will put a stick walking wheel as yet realizing the organized power Based on the fact that it would be the masses, the prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases , and once doing more emphasis on the importance of organized power to take the necessary measures , labor, the exploitation of cheap labor is seen as a way , precarious and informal , which allows users to employ an end to outsourcing practices, we reiterate our request , \"he said . photo describing the work and health and declaration of results involving assessment of the security Turkey Kamu-Sen and the Turkish Education You President of Istanbul Provincial Hanafi Bostan , said:< br/> \"6. Occupational health and safety practices to produce healthier and safer environment for our employees for services to be provided, the safety of victims of violence in absolute public officials should also be considered in this context . Occupational health and safety in the work environment safe from physical and spiritual care of the employees is in a sense . In this regard, to prevent the violence experienced by our public servants measures should be assessed in the context of occupational health and safety, nurses who are victims of violence , midwife , doctor, mailman , teachers , police officers, tax inspectors , our workers such as police will recover from this violent and service areas Steps should be taken to clarify a contemporary structure . photo 7-Confederation of our passing to the staff of the contract staff during the recent period with intensive efforts, family medicine , although a positive step , master instructors and 4/C of the staff outside the scope of staff as professionals should be passed immediately to staff and termination of the contract of employment it is necessary . Photo 8-'s appointment of public officials dismiss the rise , not abandonment of objectivity and merit principle in appointments and promotions ; The officer who took office deserves the right; in public institutions and organizations working for peace , unity, solidarity is the basic requirement for ensuring and improving productivity. Photo supporters of public officials , non-partisan ; us , with expressions such as fişlenerek not be separated from us, Staffing , favoritism , the massacres , injustice, illegality of the termination ; A team of public education level of the employees will be close to political circles, in the way of prevention of performance and personality ; ensuring the impartiality of the administration of public institutions and organizations; with a fair exam and assignment system must be known that now the creation of contemporary management , especially just based on a written exam in executive assignment, a system should be transparent and objective . Photo 9-In the public employment system should be established for the preservation of the main axis of family unity and including university to the staff each status is employed , any condition without seeking spousal status, health and learning disability to perform the assignment demands because of the arrangements made ​​pursuant to regulations should be reconstituted , the preservation of family unity in the determination and assignment should be provided.
10-Turkey Kamu-Sen , not only is the voice of common sense of all public employees of the Turkish nation . Based on this , our confederation , to improve the financial and social rights of retirees will continue to strive towards and things will be all kinds of side action. Photo 11-recent years, especially came to the line stage violence against women , harassment, mobbing and honor killings cases began to be counted from the courthouse . In this case , it's alarming that violation of human rights and social trauma experienced , shows that threatens the future of our country . Therefore, to produce the authorities of our society lasting and effective solutions to the issues has become a bleeding wound confronts us as a top priority , \"he said . Final declaration released by Photo Bostan ended with the following statement \"Photo 12-In our country, unskilled workers 30 years pension and retirement pension of the workers ; an officer who has worked at the same time is twice the level of pension and retirement pension . Norms and standards prepared by claiming ensure the unity of the Law No.5510 correct this injustice confronts us as a great injustice to public employees. Therefore 5510 law with the amendment to the Article 80 changed and now earnings base definition of the officers on duty , all appropriations retired the promotion of public servants pension rights to be included in the deduction and the retirement pension of government employees should be synchronized with the workers . Photo 13 reached extreme pressures on union employees. Officers are forced to join a union supporters taking to persuade room , Public Servants'Trade Unions Act 4688 and the provisions of the Turkish Criminal Code is clearly violated. During this period, thousands of civil servants were forced to seek their rights in the courts. Regarding this issue, the answer to the question being asked by the government to offer not given even the opposition parties in Parliament . Turkey Kamu-Sen , later, as ever, will be next to all public officials who were oppressed and injustice in all its power , will stand against injustice. Photo 14-Officer , principle and who perform continuous tasks, with the task of reputation in this regard is a public official who represents the state . Public officials condescending approach of politicians lately , unacceptable and abusive behavior in discourse officers hurt in certain occupational groups. Turkey Kamu-Sen as all our strength and our reputation would be next to be disposed of our officers and damaging other segments of our society with the opening of cross-expression parser to get out strongly against We affirm once more. Sorts of games , with slander , clerk of our in Turkish nation before we can not allow to play with, attempting to discredit and honor We cry out with all our might . Photo 15-judiciary, individual rights and freedoms protect government is a body responsible for ensuring the supremacy realize the rule of law and the Constitution. This much must be independent and impartial judiciary necessarily with important functions . Photo of democracy need independent judiciary ; point is based on the principle of the rule of law and separation of powers ; is the guarantee of fundamental rights and freedoms. Independent judiciary , justice , and trust in government is the only tool. The separation of powers , the power , control sınırlandırılıp to avoid damage to the majority of dictatorship and democracy transformed in this way is based on the principle of balancing . The concept has been developed for this purpose
rule of law . Rule of law, based on the rule of law , the entire process of the administration describes the layout that makes it subject to judicial review. The ruling power is limited by the judiciary, are taken to control and stabilize. Therefore, the judiciary is independent from the legislative and executive and separation of powers in mind that taken under the constitutional guarantee of the principle of respect for judicial decisions and the rule of law, our Confederation is seen as an indispensable element for the existence and survival of our Advisory Board of the State . Photo 16-most of our country one of the most important natural beauty and wealth are also owned forest . This is our wealth , we have been delivered to an escrow are passed on to future generations . A major environmental massacre kinds of reasons in recent years and regret that we are witnessing the slaughter of tree structures . Turkey as Kamu-Sen , the tree of our being massacred, while expressing that we strongly oppose the desecration of our environment, future generations livable than the nicer , on our part to leave a richer native soil , we declare that we are ready to do any task . Photo 17-Turkey depending president of our union Kamu-Sen , board members , if coalesce with the branch president and provincial representatives; unions, the government wanting to slave himself, the king of the very royalism which bureaucrats , authority and position of tyranny and oppression tool to convert those , officer, threat , fear releasing members makers and beneficiaries despite we continue honorable fight our determination and our public servants in particular and including retirees an income to live in dignity of all our citizens reunion , fair , lawful and within the framework of settlement of the bounds of the law to a transparent management style we once again reiterate that we refrain from performing any action . \"

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