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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 22:05

Hanafi Bostan:\"Minimum Living Hadd the 4113 TL\"

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Turkey and the Turkish Education Kamu-Sen Sen Istanbul Provincial Chairman , Asst.

İstanbul news: Assoc. Dr. M. Hanafi Bostan 2014 has announced the results of the October index of subsistence . Bostan said that subsistence rate rises of 4 thousand 113 TL . Photo Bostan said in a statement ; \"The union of our Research and Development Center that made ​​the announced minimum living index results for the month of October 2014 . Poverty line for a single person working in the research according to the received October 2014 price Statistics Institute of Turkey is calculated as 2.029,23TL , quadruple the minimum income limit for a family 4.112,82Lir was defined as . But in our country average civil servant salary of 2158 pounds for 30 cents, 4/the salary that the induction of officers is approximately 1500 pounds. He is married and his wife are working , paying house rent , children's elementary school and high school , or an officer went to college that this salary can not get is apparent in all its nakedness. Thus , the total average food and lodging expenses of a family of four in Turkey in October 2014 was estimated to be 1566.94 lira , \"he said . Referring to the increase in the Photo Hunger rate Bostan, \"the results obtained in our study of four according to the previous month of a family's subsistence rate increased by 1.17 % shows that , if one person's hunger threshold employees increased by 1.58 percent compared to the previous month and was calculated as 1569.99 lira . In this survey , a family of 4 , as determined by the health care provider's expenses required to be fed in a healthy way in October 2014 that determined that daily 31.729 TL , according to the family's monthly food expenditure total was 951.87 AUD , \"he said . Photo Bostan, \"as of October 2014 the average spending on food for his family of a civil servant paid £ 2185.30 has been the 43,56's per cent of salary. The housing costs found in Turkey Statistical Institute data has coincided with 28.15 per cent of the average salary in October 2014 . According to an officer , 71.7 percent of the average salary by only difficult to separate food and housing expenditures to meet other needs remained 28.3 per cent of the back wages. Transportation of a civil servant families that live on the average wage , health, education , communication, and other essential needs of all that remains are 618.44 per the October 2014 salary to meet like clothing , \"he said .
'Increase in the last 12 years, the hunger threshold CPI from the percent 14.90 has been more'Bostan said , \"Here , these figures reveal the extent of actual inflation in our country. Actual inflation is reflected in the pockets of citizens over 10 percent of our TSI Based on the official figures showed himself once again in this study. Officials with October results subsistence index \"Public employees do not take shit from inflation \"words have come to nothing once more. Collective Bargaining table 123 TL signature scorers , those who forget the inflation differentials still faces are mistakenly be able to defend their signatures without blushing , \"he said . Noting that in the middle of a Photo Numbers Hanafi Bostan , \"Sun balçıkla not sıvana ; Destruction of inflation , the rise in spending in the middle , is evident in the time taken by the officer . Now officials with one lie , should not try to fool the word game. Turkey Kamu-Sen retired as a clerk and our task is urging the authorities to avoid more ezdiril inflation and ADDITIONAL TIME We reiterate once again our request , \"he said .

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