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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 00:08

Hanafi Bostan:\"Not Dee Rotation Exile What is it? \"

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Criticizing the rotation practices and the Turkish Education Ministry of National Education Turkey Kamu-Sen Sen Istanbul Provincial Chairman Asst.

Criticizing the rotation practices and the Turkish Education Ministry of National Education Turkey Kamu-Sen Sen Istanbul Provincial Chairman Asst. Assoc. Dr. M. Hanafi Bostan , \"The solution is very simple , if you are sincere and wantonness is your pension or who have come over 165 thousand correcting the conditions ensure that retired teachers'pensions ,\"he said . Photo Bostan said in a statement, \"Ministry of National Education (MONE) all bureaucrats at the central organization , provincial and district directors of education , the provincial education deputy directors , division managers, school principals and after school deputy slaughter now the teachers slaughter does not mean undreamt to keep the subject is preparing for a major massacre by turning the windmill all kinds . Do not be shy and to misinform the public without getting bored and his own conducting psychological operations in order to mislead , \"he said . Photo Bostan, \"Indeed, Ministry of Human Resources General Manager Hamza Aydoğdu , Teacher, Assignment and Relocation Regulations for mandatory rotation located in the draft'exile and slaughter'thrown to the Ministry of the use of the phrase'a great slander'he says. Mr. Aydoğdu teachers involuntarily , family impairing their integrity , their children's education status of the appointment as required to other towns and cities by taking into account what does that mean ? \"he said. Photo criticizing the new educational system Bostan, \"4 + 4 + 4 system and school conversions have been changed because of hundreds of thousands of teachers in school. These are optional appointment, promotion , administration appointments and co-state displacement that occurred for reasons such as also when participating will be seen that a large circulation takes place. on top of mandatory rotation what's happening ? spouse status, learning disabilities , right becayiş , provinces and cities outside the right to appoint when rotation came from? primary concern rotation education? \"he said. Photo'Rotation Who put your mind'asks Hanafi Bostan , \"Training our teachers over 150 thousand , a large number of schools and classrooms deficit, infrastructure and physical space shortage , combined class implementation , failure to reach the 100 percent enrollment rates , teachers , the pressures applied to the administrators, rotation, while rights are robbed of tens of thousands of managers considered fitting persecution who put your mind? Our teachers while performing their duties in financial misery and 165 thousand on teacher retirement they deserve state pensions of retired while there due to a decrease in half , especially in big cities in many provinces of teachers attempting to sustainable education with the teacher paid over 60 thousand due to open , subject teachers because of the obvious is happening many teachers of what the hell's rotation came to classes outside ? though rotation City house will also cause great unrest. Director Welcome subjected to rotation within the province , what it training as it was a contribution ? Or raisethe quality of the training? On the contrary, thousands of administrators was the victim. School principals were forced to go to school in the province whereby three . What is the meaning of education overturn factor of three the sake of five supporters ? \"He said. Photo Bostan , statements continued as follows:\"the degradation of the rotation of teachers layout , location of , means to their homelands . Teachers also our families , there are children. The change will directly affect the layout of schools teaching in their families. Education is not a priority issue after the rotation . Rotationally productivity of teachers is preposterous to think that the quality of schools increased. Teachers'Disability connected Relocation'a ministry can not resolve the issue of a kind , you will realize how the rotation of 100 thousands of teachers ? East and Southeast Anatolia Region of the Ministry all teachers who can not perform the requested determination of our gravel remaining teachers in compulsory service of it going to do the rotation ? \"Photo Rotation against they are expressing Bostan, \"Turkish Education-as you , an acquired right to change the current arrangements , whether intra-provincial , provincial opposed to rotation if you want to get off . We do not believe that increasing the rotation of teacher effectiveness. Efficiency when it comes to teachers'personal rights of those who make no improvement , the lion cut on rotation. Our teacher is in the news with a great unrest rotation . For a few supporters , our teacher has no right to disturb anyone . The quality problem can not be solved keeping education teachers on a rotational basis . The introduction of rotation for teachers will carry new problems together will bring and training inextricable point , \"he said . Who have claimed victims with the application of a Photo Teacher Bostan, \"Mr. Minister, and the number of undersecretaries'humanitarian demands'stated that they planned due to rotation. Really intend to meet human demands while 850 thousand teachers are not required to restless. The solution is very simple; If your intention is sincere and if you have increased over 165 thousand retirement who came correcting the conditions ensure that retired teachers'pension . Then humanitarian demands to meet the demands of those in place will be empty of them. To achieve this , you'll pay for teachers due to the mandatory rotation of over 100 thousand each year to coincide with the way you make allowances . Or Istanbul , Ankara, Izmir instead paid teachers in big cities like'Do the assignment of human demand'is located . You turn on the Education board flip flop , you face usurped the rights of thousands of educators , teachers no longer pull out of your hands , \"he concluded his remarks. Photo

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