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  • 28 Ağustos 2014, Perşembe 14:54

Hand Wash Do not underrate

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Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry Specialist Dr.

Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry Specialist Dr. Serkan Karaer hand, if not pay attention to cleanliness of many serious diseases arise , he said.
Hand cleaning should be done daily , indicating that the most important personal hygiene , Dr. Serkan Karaer , through hands-borne microorganisms everywhere from the common cold to serious diseases can cause many undesirable situations , he said. Dr. Karaer , \"hands frequently with warm water and soap to wash , cracks and scratches to prevent the formation of the nails short and be clean , epidemics and prevent the spread of the most effective way. Bacteria and viruses, the main passageway hand contact with is . Dirty and infected with hands transmission of nutrients to consume a variety of diseases of digestive system can lead to . handwashing , harmful microorganisms to destroy or water from the skin to move it away is very important. disease infection , food poisoning prevent the formation of the most effective ways one of the personal cleansing is to pay attention . Yet very simple rules , paying attention to both ourselves and our surroundings harmful microorganisms can avoid , \"he said .
Digestive tract disorders is a recipe
hands with the right techniques washing in case of respiratory diseases , stomach and intestines problems, who can be derived of diseases such as diarrhea , Dr. Karaer , \"Soap's hands all over for contacting washing hands before getting started with water hands of soaking and liquid soap is used , the most polluted regions, nails and toe be forgotten and at least 15 seconds, scrubbing done washing , moist environments microorganisms to proliferate much faster , the hands must be dried properly , the spread of infection to disposable paper towels should be used . hand washing technique, three major factors , running water , soap, and rub is . flowing water the mechanical strength and hands rubbing process skinfold settled in microorganisms place evict . soap the dust and dirt dissolving the skin temporarily with microorganisms slip away helps , \"he said .
when and how to wash hands properly with information on Dr. Karaer said:
\"before meals and after using the toilet , before and after sneezing , coughing after each course , after your hair after scanning or manually , after exchanging money after sick people touching , before and after blowing your nose , after the cat , dogs and all other animals, after handling soiled seen and dirty thought that whenever the hands of the correct technique should be washed . Apart from nails short , round should be cut , hand eye , mouth and nose contact should be avoided , nail biting and pen back into the mouth to put such behavior should be avoided . \"

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