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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:10

Handball Excitement Begins in Erzurum

Handball Excitement Begins in Erzurum
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2. Handball League Turkey Erzurum Municipality Termalsp Azizia who will represent the club off the field Sunday.

Erzurum news: 2. Handball League, which will play in Group B Termalsp , November 16, will host Sunday Gümüshane Police Gücüspor . Home games that will be played in Ilica Termalsp it will be struggling to enter the first four places to stay in the Play Off group in the 8-team group. Photo ERZURUMLUOĞL:We are strong
Azizia Municipality Termalsp Club Coach Ali Erzurumluoğl , stressing that they are preparing an ambitious league , group first said they would try to finish. Pre-season productive and successful period of study spent what underlines Erzurumluoğl is , \"we can make the set of game we want our teams fiction and have a team working in harmony . Offensive game very well , we have a staff that reflects the field. From the tournament we attended before our group in Papua New Guinea with Situated team Season championship separation , our biggest indicator that we are one of the group's ambitious team . believing and we set off with a team who are hungry for success . Hopefully Erzurum and Aziziye simply representing the best possible way , we reached our first league goal. \"he said. Photo Gulamir sports fans INVITE THE GAME HAS Photo Azizia Termalsp Club President Abdullah Gulam Council also invited the game for all sports fans . Gulak , \"the Sunday hours:11:00 in the match encounter will Gümüshane Police Gücüsp in Ilica We want to see all of Erzurum and sport besides our team. Erzurum we rely on our team to carry handball in the agenda of Turkey . Hopefully making a good start, good in the first match of the league taraftarlarımıza we present a win . \"he said .
B GROUP 8 TEAM FIGHT WILL Photo Azizia Municipality Termalsp Club Handball 2nd League Group B , Gümüshane Police Force , Erzincan , Youth and Sports , Istanbul 1957 Suluovasp is , army Genclerbirligi , Turkey Samsun Youth and Sports , slap Handball and will fight with Rize Karadenizspor .
November 16 Sunday home Gümüshane Police Gücüsp are Termalsp which will begin league with a match , December 28 Sunday, again at home to spots first half of the match Rize Karadenizspor . 2 Handball League second round matches will begin January 18, 2015 and will end on Sunday, March 1st . Then the two teams from the following 4 groups of Play Off group matches will be played Volleyball 1st League to be increased. Photo PROPERLY MARKET WAS GROUP is Spors Photo Smooth Markets Group, Azizia Municipality Termalsp Club Handball team was the sponsor . Businessman Orhan properly met with Mayor Termalsp Azizia Muhammad Abdullah Cevdet Gulamir Orhan Club President , signed the sponsorship contract for the 2014-2015 season. Termalsp , Uniform Market Group matches this season on the form where the chest will come with ads. Club President and President Orhan Gulamir , sports and the athletes were thanked for their assistance businessman Orhan properly .


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