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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:29

Happy to , \"Rural Women Earning the door in the\"Support

Happy to , \
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\"Women in rural Gain Gate \"project Adiyaman Mayor gave Husrev Kutlu support.

Adıyaman news: Photo allow material to women in rural , trees located in Adiyaman Plain Kuyucak'ta the projects implemented within the scope of their employment in order to prepare the ground for planting ceremony was held . Chairman of the Southeastern Association ceremony Emotions Sucuka , 22. Period deputy Nihat Eri, Mayor Husrev Kutlu , Forest Management Directorate officials and villagers attended. Happy President tree seedlings with Photo villagers expressed the importance of planting trees with the words:Photo \"The Lord Hz . Muhammed (PBUH )'If a tree sapling in your hand, even starked to the Day of Judgment if you have time enough to erect if it necessarily sew'he said. Today we made ​​with the project does not stay with just planting trees , the region is provided employment income to the people. the project perhaps the success will occur at all without a model in Turkey and will be expanded in other areas. I Southeast who pioneered the project director of the Association and managers, deputy friend Nihat Eri and I thank everyone who contributed to the project , \"he said .

Happy to , \"Rural Women Earning the door in the\"Support" comments for.


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