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  • 25 Ekim 2013, Cuma 11:13

'Harakani Anatolia architect living in peace'

'Harakani Anatolia architect living in peace'
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Governor of Kars Job Hills, Selatin Shaheed-i-Hazrat Syed Abul Hasan Harakan, to live in peace for hundreds of years in Anatolia spiritual architects of the people, he said.

Kars Culture Center Harakan-i 'Abul Hasan Harakani generosity' program continues. Governor of Kars Job Hills, Hazrat Abul Hasan-i heart Harakan calling his friends,"the spiritual guardian of Kars Kars'ımıza believe to be beautiful venue and welcome His Holiness."she said. Guests hosted many civilizations expressed his pleasure to be hosted in Kars Governor Hill, said he :"D meritorious friends here today, which is an occasion of mind, spiritual light that shows us the way for hundreds of years, understanding of our people in this land for hundreds of years revealed a combination of Sufi brotherhood, which the architects of the spiritual mind to live in peace, friendliness friendly Harakan-i Hazrat Abul Hasan."

"Harakan-I wanted to do with the understanding of His Holiness NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND"

AK Party deputy Kars Harakan-i Hazrat Yunus, Abul Hasan Kilic he talked about the day and the day of the questions to be asked in order to understand,"Hasan-i who Harakan ? the land got to do with it, and understanding what they want to do with Hasan Harakan-assume i and is not able to understand."said.

His Holiness came to this land of Khorasan in Iran today, is reminiscent of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan jointly held by the Sword, said:"O the time and today it is subject to the usual terms and conditions you think When one side of the world, maybe you do not have the current facilities, and no mechanization difficult circumstances. So there are these people doing here? wanted to preach what? what you wanted to tell? own mystical insanaydı in the understanding of the great love and tell people, people and people to glorify God There were an object, such as a closer. departure was the purpose of all. Humans had such a great love that has been explained as follows it himself:'A llah lives in me, and all the people in my life Although not specifically onlarınkisini, all the creatures of Allah Although they did not draw me another grind 's pain.', and set out the purpose of this was for all."

'Harakani Anatolia architect living in peace'" comments for.


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