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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:12

Harassment in the Red Light custody

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In Adana, the driver stops the car at a red light , was taken into custody for allegedly masturbated looking at the female driver side .

Adana news: Photo According to information received from the event , Seyhan district occurred in Resatbey neighborhood. Working in a private company Y. Berra (33) was stopped at a red light when the place of business Gazipasa Avenue. Meanwhile, the farmer Ibrahim O . (31 ) stood next to his car . Allegedly, O Ibrahim . began to masturbate looking at women drivers . Turn to the other side whereupon the woman called the police drive direction . \"I was waiting at a red light , standing next to me I began to look masturbated movement , remove the male penis inside the car . However, the moment the green light burned going car. Plate I see the 01 C continue.\"Adana on Photo Alarm Security Directorate's Bureau of Morality Senior teams , from the description given by the woman reached into the car to drive and own . Ibrahim O . taken into custody. Photo young woman came to the police were able to identify suspects . After a deposit in the bank suspects that use the phrase Gazipasa Avenue , but the red light is showing his penis and saying that anyone making the move did not accept the charges . Photo suspects were referred to the court after the query.

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