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  • 13 Temmuz 2013, Cumartesi 10:45

Harput: 7 thousand classrooms need

Harput: 7 thousand classrooms need
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Governor Harput Şahabettin Bursa seven thousand classrooms is needed.

In a statement on the current education investments

Harput, as in every area of ​​2013 through a process full of investments in education, said:'Bursa, 530 thousand children, but the primary goal is take high-quality standards of education than seven thousand classrooms need . To close this gap, work continues apace on behalf of attracting even higher standards."He said.

Bursa 211 million investment in education for rent

211 million lira for education investment in Bursa stating that the Governor Harput said:"When we look at the investments made in the general budget of 28 different hand-status schools, 698 classrooms, 5 B & B and budget of the Ministry of Education continues to the gym. If the budget of the Special Provincial Administration of 22 pcs 502 pcs status of schools and classrooms, a total of 47 million pounds investment still continues. '

Stated that not enough investment in the public and private budget Kharput called for philanthropists to be more sensitive,' Only in kindergarten and schools on the basis of high school level, with the support of charitable citizens currently in Bursa, 19 classrooms, 19 pieces of different-status schools, 488 classrooms and 38 board, laboratory, including a gym and an investment of approximately 72 thousand 500 thousand pounds in progress. ' said. Şahabettin Kharput administration in 2013, as well as public and private charitable contributions in the amount of total investment of 211 million 86 thousand 538 pounds in Bursa, he said.

Harput: 7 thousand classrooms need" comments for.


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