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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Ekim 2013, Pazar 18:27

Hasan Nail Canat, commemorated the anniversary of death

Hasan Nail Canat, commemorated the anniversary of death
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Poet, writer and actor Hasan Nail Canat, Uskudar Altunizade Cultural Center, commemorated the anniversary of the death 9th Year.

commemoration numerous players, actors, and writers attended the meeting.

hosted Author Secret Er (Educator-Author and Host) 's, he has chaired the memorial program also Assistance Mehmet Nuri, producer, actor and cartoonist Hassan escaped, Invincible actor, journalist-author Tarik Tufan and to Emine Erdogan attended as a speaker.

Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara,"People's values ​​and beliefs of the people that overlap in this sense, 'Is it art for art's sake for the people, sturdy? 'thesis set out for the rights of art in Turkey is an artist who can say. doing so, not only in the art itself does not hold itself without raising new generations, and keep them from directing, acting up, costume-up decor was one of educating."she said.

Canat'ın from behind causing young people stated that an artist Hasan escaped,"raised a very important artists of our country, significant artists grew up on this land, we are talking about very important things an artist has made. Its experienced period of time It was very difficult to nail Hasan Canat. leave was very difficult to deal with, even with something else, take in the arts. Especially in the arts, especially theater, cinema is a very difficult area to reveal the works of products was put forward. these difficult times that led to the young people from their own back very valuable, very valuable, very dear brother and the artist.", he said.

saw it as a milestone in the professional aspects Canat'ı Invincible transmits a"brother Hasan büyüğümdür I have ever seen as a milestone in my professional point of view. could not work together on stage, but the show worked with him. Crazy Heart In all the time we worked with him, but I watched it, I've audience. ahbaplığımız a later period increased. continue one of the leaves is one I think."said.

Hasan Nail Canat, commemorated the anniversary of death" comments for.


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