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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:35

Hawk Visits Governor Training and Research Hospital

Hawk Visits Governor Training and Research Hospital
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Samsun Governor Ibrahim Sahin, Samsun , not only from Russia , Finland, Sweden and Norway also said he needed to study patients to withdraw .

Samsun news: Photo Samsun Governor Ibrahim Sahin, visited the Samsun Education and Research Hospital. Sahin of the Governor , Deputy Governor Ali Galip Saral arrival at the hospital , the Provincial Health Director Dr. Joseph Koksal, Secretary General of the Association of Public Hospitals Exp . Dr. Hasan Riza Aydin and hospital administrators met .
Training and Research Hospital after the welcome ceremony of the Conference Hall of the Governor of the Provincial Health Director Dr. İbrahim Şahin here Joseph had made ​​a presentation about Koksal by Samsun health care. The governor gave a speech then Photo Presentation Falcon, \"Health Organization last decade Turkey in the best working and renewing itself , even pushing the boundaries a bit too European Union figures coming out on is in a position . Ministry of Health and Ministry of Transport made ​​clear in his services as excels, is proud . keep our doctors in hospitals made ​​our district a little hard, keep our doctors in our this district , we need to take measures to make it attractive . it here what you need to do is to speed up the city hospital , which will be pre let's do work a moment ago . here and relevant also in a thesis or such an argument forward subtract , just beyond the provinces around Samsun and Samsun , the Caucasus and the northern Black Sea , in the south of Russia by a formula can check here sick as our province more let's get more foreign patients . let us encourage foreigners to come to our city for treatment in terms of health tourism. We have a marine but I imagine it's like a frontier town . How patients can be brought here from the north ? Not only in the northern city of Russia , Finland, Sweden and Norway , I mean . They do not see the sun for some time that these regions in winter too. Blind people after a certain time in the sun emerges psychological disorders . In the past 60 years the people of this region we can move here ? Perhaps related to this is by having a master's thesis or research Let's get to the Ministry of Health. Currently Finland this style meet all costs in exchange for going to the southern countries of the patient , \"he said .
MEDICAL DEVICES BASE Photo \"Samsun going to base medical devices or surgical instruments \"The governor uses the phrase Shah, the finished by saying:\"An important part of the medical devices now here in Turkey to produce and to export to more countries as possible . Here we need to use our very best in this sense . \"Photo Governor Ibrahim Sahin then waiting to chat with the patient in the hospital corridor ,'get past'conveyed his wish. Then Sahin, left the hospital.


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