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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 17:44

Hazelnut:"Turkey's Regional Security Issues Related to No One"

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AK Party Deputy Hazelnut Mujahid Malatya, Turkey's energy and experienced a great transformation in politics, he said.

AK Party Malatya Deputy Hazelnut Mujahid, Turkey's energy politics and the great transformation took place, he said.
Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) given by the group's proposal who spoke at the Nut,"Turkey's supply security related problems. But rich energy resources have not a country. petroleum have no natural gas, no. But we say, us or where we should be. This is why we Rusya'd On Azerbaycan'd are, Turkmenistan, Iran, Irak'd are, Venezuela We're at. Besides this, European countries, especially France, we are in cooperation with., Japan, Russia and our partners at the point of nuclear power plants,"he said.
is experiencing major transformations in ENERGY AND POLITICS
Turkey's energy politics and a major transformation had noted Hazelnut, said:
conversion"You have to understand. conflict of interest and war based energy games period expires. game now fair play will be played. new resources, new players tactics involved. This peace will serve process. For this, the political will is necessary. O political will exist in Turkey. Turkey, international energy policies attitude in favor of peace has set. conflicts of interest, not the region and the world co-benefits overseeing a policy is followed. energy resources to increase , free markets complete processing of the raises. Monopoly breaks. This consumer interest is something that. ultimate goal is this. to our citizens, our industrialists uninterrupted and cheap power to provide. BDP's research proposal of our country 'transit point be content with the' a phrase like there. Geography of our offers us the advantage in this way, stable and reassuring way to convert is a success. only economic but also political achievement. geography of Turkey arising from the advantages ever for a time did not exploit, will not. Turkey's presence and attitude is only the international markets, a does not create confidence. Political An equilibrium state is also provided. Political normalization is pointing to."
Hazelnut, Turkey's Board energy to power the last 10 years, two-fold increase, noting that"every year to $ 8 billion, including about $ 130 billion with an investment of 2023 to enter think. 60 billion dollars, energy, our imports. 52 billion dollar deficit we have. half of this in the transport sector is being used. Since the beginning we say:our energy needs as possible local and from renewable sources to meet the aim. Petroleum are looking for, natural gas're looking for, wind, solar, geothermal, water resources share of energy production are increasing, increase will continue. Today, natural gas, about 18 thousand, power 20 thousand, coal 13 thousand in the wind three thousand megawatts in the setup we have the power. domestic source of our coal we care. late for that last year, the coal major incentives were given. electric demand increase of 1,4 billion with the population after China 75 million population, with rank second,"he said.

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