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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 21:50

Hdp'l the Sarıyıldız , Events, Visits Injured Children

Hdp'l the Sarıyıldız , Events, Visits Injured Children
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ŞIRNAK (UAV)-HDPE Sarıyıldız Şırnak deputy Faisal , in the town of Cizre children injured in the incident was visited in the hospital .

Şırnak news:
Cizre State Hospital 8-year-old Aaron came to similar information from doctors about the health status of Sarıyıldız area , the child was found to dispatch the necessary initiatives . Aaron Similar ambulance Gaziantep were shipped.
Hospital at the exit statement to reporters that hdp'l the Sarıyıldız , \"The last few days in Turkey and especially in the Kurdish provinces close to 30 people lost their lives . Many of them soldiers or police bullet fired from the Because stems . now we obviously a chaotic process we live. now Kopani on a murder attempt there, and there gangs here by the ruling are supported . Its the first focused topics that is it. Alone on it undoubtedly will concentrate . where illegal , where is this ring an unfair application if there is law , law out of the exits is an illegitimate government applications there while we located opposite the will and its across the street will take part . hunting rifles on the use of inquiry to initiate our efforts will be , \"he said .
Sarıyıldız and his wounded child in Gaziantep e left the hospital after being shipped .

Hdp'l the Sarıyıldız , Events, Visits Injured Children" comments for.


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