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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 15:53

Hdp'l the Yuksekdag:\"Regarding the Maintenance Process Solutions Commitment We have our Declared \"

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HDPE Co-Chairman Fig Yüksekdağ , saying they declare their commitment to continue the settlement process , \"numerous times as well as HDPE their tradition has it that faced with this type of political siege.

Ankara news: Government must give up my irresponsible approach that shows target our party on this issue , \"he said . Photo HDPE Co-Chairman Yuksekdag , answered questions from journalists after the party's group meeting . Yuksekdag on a question regarding the solution process , \"We have stated in the Group meetings. We will continue to stand behind the possibilities of development of the settlement process and settlement process. Our request for the continuation of appointments and interviews , we will insist the launch of negotiations . But at this point in the government's current approach of quickly changing, and as a launching point for concrete negotiations should take more practical steps . The efforts of our committee and negotiations are continuing . Yesterday he made ​​a statement and we declare our commitment to maintain the solution process we today. We think it's just not an issue at the disposal of the government. Government we urge you to mobilize the responsibility to fulfill the requirements of the settlement process , \"he said . Photo Bingol event of a transparent manner Yuksekdag expressing the need for continued , \"The claim that this attacker caught light of an incident that left in the dark hopefully in terms of attaining constitute data. This investigation was brought to a secrecy order . Which is a healthy decision on declassifying process of this investigation . This dark attacks and the political process is the participation of all public and conducted in an open manner. In addition, a commission of inquiry to investigate all within the Assembly should be established. Privacy decisions should be abolished , \"he said . Photo hdp'y facing a very serious saying that political siege regulation of campaign Yuksekdag , said:Photo \"But HDPE countless times as the tradition of yourself that are also faced with such political siege. Government must give up my target irresponsible approach that shows our party in this matter. \"

Hdp'l the Yuksekdag:\"Regarding the Maintenance Process Solutions Commitment We have our Declared \"" comments for.


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