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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:25

Hdp'the Solution Process Explained (1)

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HDPE Istanbul deputy Sirri Sureyya Onder , \"Resolution process continues, will continue in all circumstances.

Ankara news: Because Turkey believe people in this solution and trust , \"he said . Photo HDPE group vice president , Pervin Buldan and Idris Balu by the HDPE Istanbul deputy Sirri Sureyya Onder , held a press conference in the parliament. The leader, the descriptions found on the settlement process. Of journalists after the Description question answering Leader, \"at which point the solution phase of your part ?\"He replied , \"the solution process continues, will continue in all circumstances. Because he believed that the people of Turkey and trust solutions . This government is and will be a space not exceeding verdirt to discredit us in this process in any way our sole collateral . Ocalan, saw the stage so far as a dialogue phase, the next step is after this stage was described as a negotiation . In this definition, the state and the government had an agreement . We expect this agreement to the brink of the negotiation stage . Skip camel is not only a stable democratic government , the process with the political will and courage can overcome this bottleneck quickly . Can be summarized like this where we came from \"gave money .
\" SOLUTION PROCESS NOT THE BUILDING will AGAIN REMOVE AN ELECTION ACCOUNT \"Photo Leader,\"How do you evaluate the descriptions of hdp'l proxy will translate the ball in the selection process of the government ? \"on the question of the form, \"We refrain from such defining the negotiating team , we are doing our warning. Government does not attempt no such intention , we're in this complacency. Yes , you may want to circumvent the intent than the election period . This issue and the crucial question is this determination ; left a structure will remove one more choice account of this issue, \"he said .
\" BATTLE EVER does not BRING ANYONE NO \"Leader reminded of the statement that it would be a disaster for the PKK conflict in Photo Kobani'yi , \"War does not bring anyone to the charity and blessings . This disaster is never to this or that structure . We lost our peace, hope , we lose our faith in peace. If that a major disaster \"gave money .
\"Ocalan , THIRD EYE AS INTERNATIONAL PEACE OBSERVER'S ASSOCIATION may ASSEMBLY SAID \"Photo Onder, solution to a question about the creation of the third eye in the process also responded. Leader, \"No. Ocalan was closing the doors just in case .'American or other things to put together as an international , not a single country an international peace monitors unity can be established. In conflict situations it is better to give representatives of the country lived , \"he said . It could be , but no such insistence Ocalan . Rather than clutter the desk audit our own people , I would say that the supervision of the people who represent the common values ​​of this country going to be the third eye is more preferred . We assess if something like this since the government , \"he said . Photo of a journalist,\"Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin your Akdoğan'l interview talked about what ? \"Is the question Leader,\"the government officials keep this up throwing lies in the confidence our ethics , I think. We are not finalized , we will not share anything with the public in terms of speculation should not be connected to a conclusion,'till the winner certainty . We have seen positive approach Akdoğan Number on many points. But other than that , we said'we said , we were told that, then come out and said,'all of the wrong form of the complex statement . I can tell. We need our political decency do not want to fall victim to this daily discussion . So keep up the various members of the government of Prime Minister'like us , they said , appeared in front of the door have said'nothing they say has nothing to do with reality . We are ready to talk openly with those who claim that they want \"he replied.
\" PROCESS crash YES \"Photo Leader,\"locked Currently peace ? \"To the question \"There is a deadlock state course . Because the agreement provided for the opening needs to be implemented. What is this ; third eye , monitoring committee and the secretariat of the commission to be formed a moment before passing functionality . So a simple lock , I use it as a metaphor, \"gave money .
\" SECRETARIAT ÖCALAN DETERMINED \"Photo Abdullah will be created Ocalan secretariat Leader for the possible occurrence of who \"sets him Öcalan. Ocalan, Davutoglu'work with them to work with Sun'Does it say? Ocalan, the process of negotiation that does not address , such as a sheep , have determined the area under the democratization title wracking 7-8 . They turned commissions they occur , studies of innovation in this area and how they would not be enough without negotiating a lasting peace , \"he says . Or what we're going to say on behalf of its secretariat assistant , who must decide whether it consists of just Ocalan, actually this is it. Because he will run. Doing thousands of pages to scan . This problem raises the proposition that today in the historicity of the country living . There is nothing more than a legal secretariat to ask for it. No illegal thing here, \"he said .
\" Hodri SQUARE APPROACH IN NOT \"Photo Leader,\"the hodri you done did occur explanation does not get more difficult the process? \"To the question the \"Process does not get more difficult. We are not in a confront approach. But unbuttoned approach , the seriousness away from the attitudes, to compel an employee to approach'stop'has to say . We want anyone to'confront'do not call . Drop this threat language, this debate does not serve peace , do us both çöktüremezs knee with it. So there is no place that you can bring us back to when we remember dönerizl . But we're here today at what point we are in the beginning to the end on the desire for peace , \"he said. Photo of the PKK's recent attacks on the unarmed soldiers Leader of what it means, \"We do not confirm in any way. Knowing the saints insanlarıyız understanding of human life . Our thoughts about the war. Whether military, police, public , whether guerrillas who matter , all our energy , we use the light all the know-how peace and politics , \"he said .
\" NEGOTIATIONS delaying grave consequences breed \"Photo \"that then you will have to start the conversation you make a claim , or the government will have been a call ? \"is the question Leader,\"Mr. Davutoglu , had sons of myself-I want to say hepsine-God give long life. This child language courses do not even run . So you know that Mr. Obama is the academic aspect . You shall not make even a child homework in the language. The futility of trying to explain . Talks with Öcalan wants to contribute to the continuous development of the state and at the point where he could not control . Contributions from both you and whether you stay under the process itself is not a moral approach to say , it is not rational at all. I think continuing negotiations with Öcalan . No need to ask our appointment , something that is very formal . A moment before we start calling our negotiations , which is known by the government since last week will be our talks with Öcalan . Delaying it would not be a serious and grave consequences . We are reminded of this again . The time agreed , and from where it left a moment ago , we recommend that progress in removing lessons from experienced , we advocate \"gave money .
\"Arose directly held us we wanted to go there , \"said the leader, \"Our longer we do not have more serious issues , so that may prevent it we also do not have any excuse . We have to go as soon as possible , as soon as secretariat, the monitoring board, commission should be formed. In this sense, even if there's securities hours . It must also know that the best government , \"he said .
\" THIS WILL NOT SPOKEN ON SOMETHING \"Photo Leader,\"says Mr. President recently Isidor instead of Dais . How do you evaluate this ? \"Is the question, \"This is not something to be talked over , who do you call it how he wants . You become aware of the seriousness of the matter and gravity Enough \"was the answer .

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