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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:56

Hdp'the Solution Process Explained (2)

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HDPE Istanbul deputy Sirri Sureyya Onder , \"As long as we do not oblige and prisoners'We wish there were not any of the words.

Ankara news: Unless all of us, especially government on behalf of humanity and we have to both our prisoners , \"he said . Photo BDP group vice president HDPE Istanbul deputy Sirri with Pervin Buldan and Idris Balu by Suresh leader, held a press conference in Parliament. Secret Speaking at the meeting Sureyya Onder , Imralı delegation as for a long time unless very large necessities , he said , and diligence under care shown as long as they are not involved much in daily discussion . since especially Kopani resistance, the government and its circles like a political lynching campaign transformed the perception operations leader said that assuming the making of the assessment process in the face , \"Mr. Davutoglu in a statement today'HDPE continue our muhataplığı If behaves like a party , \"he very top , very prescriptive , very unattractive, as long as that does not serve , in a language that can not escape the peace , has ceased ahkam through our party with a compelling language. This language and the need to start by saying that we reject all of it similar approach. Hdp'n engaged in politics , and that this lane looks like all our institutions , to determine whether similar rate and is not anyone's right . I want to begin by returning the same to this Mr. Davutoglu , \"he said.
\" NO ONE CONTACT knees enthusiasm to getting caught in \"Photo \"We saw this wanting to be released wearing the costume too manager we , \"said the Leader \"we saw a lot though fortunately manager in Salt ruling that all politics is now a forgotten memory of our history , have faced a akıbetle to the provisions of no politics . For him, this is not the language , the language initially'I drink the poison hemlock , if necessary ,'said the language was a language, but it also continues to poison the almost absurd today calf . Mr. Davutoglu and all who think like him , our these threats , pressure , and they wonder how to react to the feelings we give Statute or not they want to know is enough to go much further 2 years ago . This movement is not a movement to do politics without anyone taking Statute . I tried every way imaginable inhuman and immoral , none of kneecaps of people engaged in politics in this line is not touching the ground . No one can be possessed us enthusiasm to its knees . Our efkar that we , we are sad fate of our people , the biggest concern we hear that peace is about to be kidnapped , brotherhood , equality and most of all morals . We try not to leave to get it at all. \"Photo \" OCTOBER 6-7 DAYS AS A MORE EXPERIENCED we wish not to the HOW COME ? \"Photo Leader , he continued as follows:Photo \"Events operation to convert a lynch those , especially in the person of Mr. Demirtas and his whole party and our institutions , our sister party , not a lynching spree begins . This is how we came here , how not to come to a more experienced 6-7 days especially we wish transplantation? There is also a good idea to listen to us . Kopani issue was not an issue today . 2 years İmralı'dan Rojav need Ocalan in private but also of the policies proposed by generalizing every time we tried to express our approach also in the political arena was always draws attention to the danger. What was the danger? The release of the gangs hand , complete adoption of an approach based destruction, a private in the Kurdish movement, his friends, to discredit their political institutions and lay a walking process utterly feeble a payer to execute the work desire to leave mecalsiz . This government does not understand and never will understand the reality of things is the people I'm afraid. The power of the truth and reality of the field of public history is relatively paces back , may be subject to destruction, can be exposed in the massacre but did not appear to lose. If you move there in front of your eyes going to state the number of the struggle for democracy is not only Kurds in Rojava , you see that no imposition do not want to live under their meaning . That everyone has seen , it has a single institution who do not , is our government. \"Photo \" SOLUTION PROCESS We NOW government MANY CRITICAL STAGE \"When
Government resolution process is initiated so far critical that they go through many stages leader , which had been noticed by the public part , said that the difference is a part of . leader, \"in moments unnoticed , in most of the portion of the difference in the government , in the political will we have space collective spirit we prevent this grave situation taking . But when it comes to Kopani was killed there by government initiative. Initiative entirely on security forces , police , soldiers , they left their suspicious behavior , \"he said .
leader, his words continued:Photo \"people who went there , democratic, young, old, women , Kurds, Turks , Armenians. They went there as political representation are . Everyone who went there brazenly , vulgar exposed to gas , rubber bullets were exposed to . I even used real bullets , was closer to the border grounds . We are the government point I ortaklaştıral \"he said. Where you also Kopani Suruç is not another place in the neighborhood. An absurd limits , boundaries drawn a blank data imperialist buyurganlıkl people , families were divided into two in the middle.'Come My ortaklaşal \"he said. Our rules our tent , especially municipalities , information about Let there fate , our mobile kitchen to the municipal course , many physicians were mobilized for sanitary assistance , let's create a work order them . What we said this was going to melt like ice in written text, failed to develop a government initiative in what we say . Deportation law enforcement, did the only thing a gendarme came ; slaughter on the other side of the busy gas on this side while walking . Occurred in the sense that all Kurdish people ;'Something is happening here , so keep a government from the convenience of the passage of this gang forms in an organic bond with a thousand kinds of relationships , why are distancing us here. Because they do not want us to see that happening. We were swept away and Herzegovina, where we see a bench to be translated unwanted'the statement said . People's objection peaked at this point. After this massacre is not going to be a point to point link was no longer even need to make a call. Street said they negate anything , but the call was 2-3 thousand times we do if we do ever before . We have made the same call we did, although we still do today . There is no intention to imply or undemocratic because we did was use our democratic right to call those who leave the contrary, this democracy . We live in a similar November 1 . Everyone made disaster mongering for November 1st. Our attention and our democratic government or power for the public's deep understanding of the relegation trap to fall into any provocation they engaged with a vengeance . There was no government , we have seen that he did not state that in the absence of provocation . Our democratic carefully our people all over the world will be able to set a precedent they also participate . We are in the process of government to the utmost caution , we have established our attentive sentence . So what is the government doing ? Look for Mr. Davutoglu said , is that a word , they are like'Party .'What do you mean are you the Constitutional Court , mAdIğImIzA from acting as if you did decide in our party. \"Photo \" ONE CORRIDOR OPEN , HOWEVER, rush to the NO \"Leader said that they walked Photo democratic struggle , voiced received from the public in their power. the record everyone should review carefully the language of the Leader,\"government spokesman in a statement , that statement even approaches I consider persecution . We are looking for someone opens a corridor , not the onrush of this corridor. One stop'or friends had war reality in this country , was walking process , we can offer this contribution to the language , at least if we say no SuSale I says,'There is no God's servants . This old heart on a daily rotation of willingness , we should not forget that formed a deep disappointment. When this incident forces will enter a deep state alsa need a certain way , they emerged with the most important Bingol provocation , the government has put publication ban . We're here call , with the bullets out of the police officers , would you explain your bullets out of the ring to the simplicity of the people you kill people there ? Why did you put a ban on publication? Impact goes operational in just days, we say things like mechanics. Many forces in the area of origin is uncertain , \"they're a foot rub , must somehow be transformed into a burst of anger , we do we do then ,'they say , and spend the mechanics of life rapidly . The government is becoming an instrument intentionally or unintentionally it . Do not try to give us one democratic dressage lesson , \"he said.
\" PEACE LOCK lies in KOP NEW EVENT \"Photo \"Kopani events'll investigate key to peace lies there , \"said the leader, \"How has begun , which came here as a result of thoughtlessness , which is our responsibility to coarseness If you have received this state are willing to accept it than anyone else . But first and foremost we are witnesses that the government tried to show many times greater than our part of our responsibility in this regard , \"he said. Photo Leader , said:Photo \"Another bargain at that . Ensure public order matters worse not walk the peace process. Mr. Davutoglu's academics have ID. Does not perceive so far ? Public order policing is not a simple problem. Precisely what we call occurs if the peace process ensured public order . This brings forth the issue of scientific solely responsible approach to the development of police measures , only to walkthe peace process with the fascist laws for God's sake . All in the light of political will , our party , our components , as the crystallized state of the people of Turkey , we have done exceedingly dropping what our part for the peace process , we are ready to do more than we declare our open audacity . This promise of our weight, severity , primarily known by our political counterparts , these words we say to them first. They know better than anyone our seriousness . \"Photo \" 2 YEARS DIALOGUE PROCESS IS VERY PRECIOUS \"Photo \"we bring a crawl forward 2 years , there is a dialogue stage we draw a hard frame membrane , this it is very precious , \"said the leader, \"many of the problems here is due to the lack of a negotiation memory of this state. So far, war always approached the annihilation of social issues , negotiation-based approach when the former is again dragged the slightest reason to return it by heart . It should not be . The cost can not be billed to afford our bills , none , \"he said . Leader of another wrong approach to \"We do not even want to think that will be a \"style was pointed out that approach. Leader,\"we do not want to remember those that are obliged to make to the challenge . We say this to Mr. President , \"he said .
Leader,\"as delegation On the contrary, as a party , as components , needed the most discussions threatened public order , or are corrupted. Someone says , they neglect the others. A completely wrong conclusions. Everything is hunky-gülistanlıkk opinion that why should we or our young brink of a great precipice discuss how should we refrain from showing public order grounds. These are not the way. Our committee intervention is not the way , the way language is not arrogance . Personally bring themselves is not the way not signed the protocol staying Ocalan agreed , \"he said.
\" RAPIDLY language of peace to return to our prisoners \"Photo \"Rapidly again're bound to return to the language of peace , \"said Leader , \"We wish that as long as we do not oblige and prisoners'have not ever mention. Unless all of us, especially our government on behalf of prisoners and to humanity as we have to. Statute without each other , attempting to perception operations with style, our young people , our country , we have to think about the future of our region. Unless, peace , brotherhood to all of us equally and we have to both our prisoner. We are approaching the obligation and responsibility of the conviction . The talismanic word of the peace process'do together'should be , \"he said .

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