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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:13

HDPE , Congress Continues Preparations

HDPE , Congress Continues Preparations
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Peoples'Democratic Party ( HDP) Mus provincial chairman, this month continues its preparations for the central district convention to be held .

Muş news: Photo Party come together at breakfast with reporters in the building HDPE Mus members of Congress Preparatory Commission , said that the preparations continued . Election commissioners of the Commission made ​​a statement on behalf of Honour Light, convenient way to configure new roles and missions of the current administration , the party said that they draw the map. Light, \"Society of change and transformation in the organization , training and are aware that as long as the vital role of managers who can answer. Again, we will make equal representation principle in the convention respecting women's party in our leading role will continue. Our party of three-stage study for the emergence of a strong and deep when starting HDPE congress work structuring will conduct this our city Moosh in our party central district for the execution of work 1 will move to the Ordinary congress established convention preparatory committee and has begun to work, \"he said. Photo preparatory commission of voicing determine the expectations of the people's party Light said ; \"Restructuring of the time during the process and will coincide with the process of the mental structuring how it should be public meetings, in line with the suggestions and ideas associated with the opinions and suggestions of civil society organizations on November 2014 we conducted our centers congressional districts . Especially to emphasize that we do a classic political party convention we want . above suitably qualified role mentioned and appointed a management releasing , the owner of the stand united around the party worth a restructuring will try to uncover . ordinary, iktidarc and calculating beyond the discussion of all types and across the street will be the base to reveal a combat force and direction, we will not compromise . as the Commission try our best hdp'n inclusiveness and all our people , taking into account the pretense of being a mass party , but also associations with different beliefs , institutions and NGOs and will take views on the reach congress to self-expression group. This hdp'n from the day you want to get involved in the management of the provincial and district centers , believing that they can fold itself to this task with dedication and your friends will really respond to this process , we will accept applications to Mus HDPE provincial commissions . Applications will be received between November 1 to 15 , 2014. \"Photo Light also hdp'n the 1st Annual Central District in Congress will be held in November , he added .

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