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  • 22 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 14:14

He feels free when child is drinking milk

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Memorial Antalya Hospital officials at the Department of Child Health and Disease Specialist Dr.

Memorial Antalya Hospital officials at the Department of Child Health and Disease Specialist Dr. Omer Berkman , some children who were breast milk instead of cow's milk when cutting stated that they could refuse . This rejection of the child dislike the taste of milk or do not want to drink from the bottle could result from expressing Specialist Dr. Ömer Berk, \"Even the children's emotional mother's breast is connected to to drink milk may not want . Dairy dislike Another reason for lactose intolerance may occur. Some children after drinking milk abdominal pain, cramps and gas complaints and associated with lactose intolerance, milk lactose in good digestion is not due is a disease , \"he said .
Two glasses of milk should be consumed daily for up to nine years
Dr. Berk, children should receive the daily amount of calcium that vary by age , children between 1-3 years of age need 500 milligrams of calcium , while in adolescence 800-1000 milligrams up to that amount , he said. To meet this amount, 2 cups of 2-3 year-olds , 4-8 year-olds 2.5 cups 3 cups milk drinking children between the ages of 9-18 is sufficient record of Dr. Berk told the children milk to ingratiate methods .
Memorial Antalya Hospital officials at the Department of Child Health and Disease Specialist Dr. Ömer Berk, initially a little milk to give stating that it continued as follows:\"A glass of water rather than a cup of tea, milk should be given, adapts this amount should be increased. Child's self feel free is important.'Milk want to drink'to the question with high probability'no'answer will be . Whereas \"your milk with honey m , strawberry, banana want me to ?\"he asked and he preferred the chance should be given. Hence children , and milk drinks both feels free will . dairy for a special cup or straw can be taken. Moreover children imitating and regularly repeat what they have learned should not be forgotten . child as an example of parents regularly drank milk should be . Yoghurt done at home , all of these processes children were included to help sağlanabilir.gıd they milk can be enriched , mashed potatoes , pasta, milk can add , custard, pudding, ice cream , pudding or milk fruit drinks can be prepared . child still does not drink milk , milk can replace food groups should be known. Cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir and butter is rich in calcium . Green leafy vegetables are also'broccoli, spinach-like'contain calcium . In addition, these vegetables provide vitamin K strengthens bone structure . Soy products a good source of calcium but the soy protein GM as it may from a trusted source is important to take . \"
Expert Dr. Ömer Berk, milk overconsumption of the single-type diet , causing the child's other food to consume block would also should not forget , he added .

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