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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:16

He left the fingerprint Etem Diligent Fans

He left the fingerprint Etem Diligent Fans
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Etem's hardworking \"Owl Eyes \", an exhibition , Tepebağ Rotary Club and Altınordu Thought and Art Platform was opened in the Art Gallery with the support Altınordu .

Adana news: lines in
the Mausoleum of the inscription by Ataturk, known as the signature'k.atatürk'calligraphic owner of the work , Ataturk Painters Etem Hardworking a few months ago in Istanbul Dolmabahce Palace opened in the Exhibition Hall \"The eyes of the owl\"Thoughts and Adana is Altınordu exhibition with Art Platform Tepebag Rotary Club was opened in the Art Gallery with Altınordu organization. signature is a broad participation of the Photo exhibition event of the day and opening remarks by Dr. Haluk Uygur did . Uighurs , \"Today, between us and wrote to the Mausoleum Hat honoring us with these works , one most of us know as Atatürk's signature and therefore our car back pennants to , put books behind'k.atatürk'the owner of calligraphy, one of Turkey's I think the most important painters . Etem I think the only person applying current techniques of painting with letters in the world thank Hardworking my teacher . I asked him one day his'1928're born , we will account 86 old, but if you draw pictures like you will live more than 80 years will earn how much money ,'I said . Reply it was this:'I say I could not find the opportunity to earn money working'Etem Diligent work such a person , \"he said.
\" TODAY tHE IMPORTANCE OF VERY LARGE \"Photo \"in which valuable as Important we yaprağınd a calendar, today, 10 November, \"he is hardworking Etem said,\"Today's the point in me 76 years. Bendeniz 76 years ago in Tarsus in dogatepe Primary 4. I'm the one that makes the meaning of the line of grade holidays , national holidays in the classroom blackboard in . In those years, I drew a picture of Ataturk on the chalkboard . In 1938, at the age of 10 raided a karabulut country . Everyone is crying all the tears . I'm crying because I was at that moment I realized the magnitude of Ataturk . But I was not old enough to understand the importance of value at that time . We salute him with respect and mercy here today with you . Has a special significance for me this November 10 th. Haluk teacher and students, Bud lady is me them a reward they said they would reward me , \"he said . Photo Adana Tepebag Rotary Club President Bud sober they live is the exhibition's hardworking Etem the excitement of opening a significant day of 10 November stated . Sober , \"Hardworking Etem we organized this event , which itself tells a biographical work'I ... And I ...'his book , which will be signed numbered collector's value . Also veteran, left his fingerprint on the book during the exhibition . The event was attended by many guests . I thank them all. They waited a long time for signature. I do not know if I can be a witness of such a master , but I spent today with Etem and lifelong teacher will be memorable for me yesterday . Welcome the best , well that you know, \"he said.
\"I ... And I ... \"author Haluk Uygur and Erhan Yelekç of the book , 5 years of the book is the product of a study by the life stories of hardworking Etem with the Republic said that the short story is also of Turkey. Hardworking Etem Photo , self-describing \"I am ... And I \"press finger to his book , signed for fans. Caliskan also be children between the fans were very happy .

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