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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:20

He left the place in Hakkari Silence Event

He left the place in Hakkari Silence Event
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November 1 march of events appeared in Hakkari, because the shutters were closed .

Hakkari news: Photo 1 November walking for thousands of people assembled in front of the municipal building on Boulevard Street. Located in HDPE thousands of Hakkari deputy Adil Zoz with new and different people marched with placards in their hands. Walking , \"Kop is not alone \"slogans were discarded. Photo Municipal Addressing the ring in front of the building HDPE Hakkari deputy Adil Zoz new \"hero sons of the Kobani'yi the Kurdish people gave the good news that last night and crowned the victory of the resistance this morning. Isidor gang to go to hell many have aspired . Kurds who badmouth the people , the Kurdish people have reached out to honor the Kurdish people will go to the place they deserve in hell who cut off their son, \"he said.
children Kobani'yi speaking of families who lost their lives , while making conversation about poetry and Kopani faces a closed group with Molotov cocktails attacked a bank branch ATM located opposite the town hall. On top of that area began to fall apart from the crowd . Some of the party reacted to attacking the bank branch . December armored vehicles fleeing the scene in the intervention group were found in the streets with police tear gas on grinding . Continuing tensions in Hakkari.

He left the place in Hakkari Silence Event" comments for.


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