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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 18:27

He pursued the fugitive in Lost Saski County

He pursued the fugitive in Lost Saski County
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Samsun Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary and Deputy General Manager Coşkun SASKİ Jones, noting that districts with increased distribution losses not included in the metropolitan border , said they would try to prevent leakage within the next year.

Samsun news: Photo Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration ( SAS ) General Board 1 of 4. Unification 2014 Session was held at the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall.'s 2015 fiscal year Photo SASKİ DG studying the budget Samsun Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary and SASKİ Deputy General Manager Coşkun Jones, \"in 2015 we will have a mutual removal of 167 million. our budget in the year 2015 will be limited to 280 million TL. 60 percent of the budget we compared to this investment has been divided into investment ,\"he said .
2014 yEAR fINANCIAL iNCOME 70 mILLION aDDITIONAL bUDGET Photo of 2014, in addition to the budget of the fiscal revenue budget of 70 million TL Jones indicating further added that , \"the 2014 fiscal revenue budget was TL 220 million . to date, we're with so that we did spend there as 220 million TL in the past now. I need to make additional budget in connection with this. we put 220 million to 70 million more proposals. Accordingly, in 2014 we prepared our budget to close the fiscal year with 290 million TL. 2013, and construction of waste water treatment plant was mentioned in the 2014 budget . Waste water treatment plant is over. We owe to its external spending. Our foreign loans will be again next year but will not be related to the facility . We reduced 2015 budget our 280 million TL , \"he said .
\" leakage losses in DISTRICT VIOLENCE DOWN will DOWNLOAD \"Photo is in 73 percent of the theft rate in 2000 stated that Jones, \"we reduced this figure to 50 percent later . At the end of last year had fallen to 33 percent. However, excess water from the environment and use that output leakage loss ratio increased slightly to 39 percent of these services to the village after going from the environment. If we calculate the counties this year we lost our little difficult to calculate the leakage rate . Because we do not measure the water we produce once in the county . Our work continues with that . Primarily in warehouses need to reduce the leakage rate and villages in both districts are trying to reduce leakage losses we call physical kidnapped . We want to prevent tank overflow before . If there are leaks in the tank and then splitting them to avoid physical leakage and to prevent non-subscribers after which we will tackle water use by non-legal means without subscription. Next year we will measure the water we produce counter putting all of our store. After that, we will try to download our leakage drastically , \"he said .

He pursued the fugitive in Lost Saski County" comments for.


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