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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:03

He saw the difference in Nigde Service

He saw the difference in Nigde Service
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Nigde Mayor Faruk Akdogan, to be among the people, to share their joys sadness continues.

Niğde news: Nigde Mayor Faruk Akdogan, to be among the people, to share their joys sadness continues. Mayor Akdoğan, politicians always have to be in the public and should not be divorced from the people, he said.
Within this framework, trades every day visit voicing President Akdoğan,"in last 5 years Nigde our years unachievable services and investments we've made. At this point the trust of our nation does not negate have. This confidence thanks to 5 years in Nigde important projects realized . 5 years at the end of our citizens us that said:"B trail gave support to these people, they did not embarrass us. Nigde About a wanted they made five."We are Allah's leave, we succeeded. Because services in Turkey, Turkey's municipal AK Party's work. AK Party as the Mayor of Nigde people to serve our necks in debt,"he said .
Every time among the people voicing the Mayor Akdoğan,"That's what we need visit as our every opportunity we. Our aim Nigde accumulated solve the problems were. we serve, the Nigde the Nigde living for our people the road went out. This way, we have been successful., but our service is not over. Nigde to do than to have so much work,"he said.
'Services in the most remote corners finally reached the'
Construction of the services in the remotest corners of reaching to underline that the Mayor Akdoğan,"have given priority to underdeveloped neighborhoods."We have justice, we play, we did not play them, we protect the rights of orphans unfledged. We treat all our people equally. No one from the idea, we have separation due to political opinion. 120 thousand inhabitants, all of our Nigde what services have made if necessary. There are 23 neighborhoods, we serve all of these sites. About Nigde lagging so far, our neighborhood had been deprived of all of the municipal services, giving priority to the projects we have produced here. What commitment if we have fulfilled,"he said.
'Nigde AK Municipal difference saw'
Mayor Faruk Akdogan, Nigde Municipality's budget increases, said,"In the past buying land in a municipality, the salary of the staff could not pay a municipal , had a municipality can not get fuel to vehicles. But five years later, and soon made a name with its investments in the example shown we have a municipality. We have demonstrated differences. All our people a real sense of municipal showed how it's done. Here AKP municipalities where they came from where in the middle. Of these cities come the changes and development of Nigde also be obtained for the five years before we step on the road of our people with the support we continue,"he said.
130 million investment and services produced
Mayor Faruk Akdogan,"Nigde Municipality 60 million TL. with debt have taken over. In 2009, the budget of the City of Nigde £ 18 million. respectively. Within 5 years from prior periods, we paid down the debt, but also to serve our citizens have invested. Our budget of £ 100 million over 5 years. we were able to level. Nigde as mayor for 24 hours day and night seven days, we continued our work on the principle of service. Municipalities within 5 years as Nigde Nigde and services we provide to count the completion of the investments we know that is not possible. 5 years Nigde Municipality have invested 130 million pounds, services have produced. Municipality Nigde its inception until today, it is met with an investment of our time with the first. 5 years service in many areas, we have met our people. And everyone who lives in our Nigde Nigde deserve the best service and the best service with the awareness that the new projects and have presented the first ... Local citizens we received from our power and our services will continue,"he said.
Nigde edifying for reconstruction from the historical texture, culture, social municipal works, infrastructure health until realized many projects they underlined Mayor Akdoğan,"5 years Nigde we 130 million investment and an important part of the service we meet our own resources,"he said.

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