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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 12:24

He turned to Trabzonspor Technical Adam Wreck

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Trabzonspor, so far in the 40-year history of the Super Toto Super League 42 times techies going to change.

Trabzon news: Black team of 26 coaches and working with responsible third technique , he served nine foreign coaches at the beginning of the team.
Today known as the Champions League in 1974-1975 resulting Trabzonspor in the season , these periods in experienced 6 times championship. Bordeaux-blueness Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı championship 4 times , 2 times in the period in which they lived at the beginning of the team's Ozkan Sumer. Trabzon on the Black Sea team of 10 technical man while on duty , 2 technical team responsible for the beginning of lower short-term task. Trabzon coach 1 to 7 from outside the technical team responsible for the running , also took nine foreign coaches task. 3 German and Belgian team at the beginning of the Black Sea , 1 Brazilian , British and Bosnian coach took office . 11 season red-blue , who served as technical director of the team Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı While most involved techies as foreground , 3 weeks remaining at the beginning of the team at least remit name German coach was Werner Biskup . Photo Trabzonspor most Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı successful coach and Ozkan Sumer as crashing out , who recently served between Trabzonspor coach Senol's name stands out as the most successful was the sun. Solar Trabzonspor 3 times during the way back gate of the championship , took place July 3rd handicapping process. It also shows even took part in a season of three technical man in some season Trabzonspor . Photo SEND MOST HACIOSMANOĞLU . Photo May 26, 2013 in that task Trabzonspor Chairman Ibrahim Hacıosmanoğlu most technical president director was one of the sender . As soon as the task Caucasus Tolu sending coaches to work after the Hacıosmanoğlu Mustafa Akcay, Hami MANDIRALI and Vahid Halilhodzic sending 1 year in excess of tenure boyunc put an end to the 4 technical man's duty . Photo money went in to PROFESSOR Photo Trabzonspor coach changes taking place in the red-blue hut is making extra cost. President Abraham Hacıosmanoğlu and their treatment in the management of Black Sea economic costs brought the team coach . Tolu Caucasian, Mustafa Akcay, Hami MANDIRALI and Halilhodzic Trabzonspor 10 Million Over Stated that have to pay compensation , you EAN claimed to be the head of the team amount payable to the lateral will lead to a separate cost to Trabzonspor Club.
HERE TRABZONSPOR TASK AREA TECHNICAL GUYS AND EXPERIENCED shore Photo 1974-75-1975-76 Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı Photo-Şükrü Ersoy (13 week running team . 14 weeks after the run Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı team. ) Photo 1976-78-1978-79 a.suat Özyazıcı Photo-Ozkan Sumer 1979-80 Photo-Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı < br/> 1980-81-1981-84 Ozkan Sumer Photo-Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı Photo 1984-85-Ozkan Sumer ( he resigned at the end of 27 weeks . I run 28 weeks after Elijah Edremit team . ) Photo 1985 86-Jurgen Sunderman Photo 1986-88-Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı ( he resigned in the first half . 20. Text Turel team ran after week . ) Photo 1988-89-Verner Biskup (I stayed 3 weeks at the beginning of the team . 4. Senol Gunes was running the team from the week. ) Photo 1989-90-1990-91 Urbain Breams Photo-Ozkan Sumer Photo 1991-92-1992-93 Urbain Breams Photo-George Leekens Photo 1993-94-George Leekens ( 4. he resigned a week later . 5. Senol Gunes has run the team after the first week . ) Photo 1994-97-1997-98 Senol Gunes Photo-Yilmaz Vural, Özkan Sumer, Ali Kemal Mariners Photo 1998-99-1999-00 Gordon Milne Photo-Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı , Giray Bulak Photo 2000-01-Giray Bulak, Sadi Tekelioğlu Photo 2001-02-Sadi Tekelioğlu , Hans Peter Briegel Photo 2002-03-2003-04 Aybaba Samet Photo-Aybaba Samet ( 14 left the weekend duty . Turgay Semercioğlu per team responsible for infrastructure was introduced. ) Photo 2003-04-Turgay Semercioğlu ( per team arrived at 14 weeks . 19 , resigned a week. ) Photo 2003-04-Ziya Dogan ( 20 weeks per team arrived . ) Photo 2004-05-Ziya Dogan (14 . he resigned at the end of the week. the head of the team responsible for infrastructure Derelioğlu Ihsan was introduced. 2. Senol Gunes has come to replace the circuit Derelioğlu . ) Photo 2005-2006-Senol Gunes (7 . week resigned. 8 weeks instead of Vahid Halilhodzic was brought . ) Photo 2006-2007-Lazarou the ( who remained in office for 4 weeks. Ziya Dogan was appointed head of the team. ) Photo 2007-2008-Ziya Dogan ( resigned 9 weeks. You E per Team lateral brought. ) Photo 2008-2009-E're lateral ( team 29 could remain at the beginning of the week. he completed the season Trabzonspor Ahmet Özen . ) Photo 2009-2010-Hug the Broos (stayed at the beginning of the Belgian team coach for 13 weeks. 4 Senol Gunes team was brought back to the beginning of the year after a search . ) Photo 2010-2011-2011-2012 Senol Gunes Photo-Photo Senol Gunes 2012-2013-Senol Gunes (stayed 19 weeks at the beginning of the team. Tolu team became the head of the Caucasus . Caucasus has made 15 match tasks.) Photo 2013-1014-Mustafa Akcay ( Edremit after the team was running Hami MANDIRALI . ) Photo 2014-2015-Vahid Halilhodzic

He turned to Trabzonspor Technical Adam Wreck" comments for.


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