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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:03

Head of Support to the Idealist from nature

Head of Support to the Idealist from nature
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Mayor of Izmit DR.

Kocaeli news: Mayor of Izmit DR. Nevzat Doğan, civil society organizations and political parties continues his visits. Views stated that the President nature of democracy meaningful, Kocaeli Grey Wolves last visited President Ibrahim Ozcan.
Izmit Municipality tasks come to since the day every political thought at the same distance is pointed out that the President Dogan,"We our differences in this city for the better more beautiful will lead inancıyız. One reason for this city, this country striving for, working, producing everyone Besides, we had to have the will continue. task since I came to he never, to this or that party did. everyone, each party equal distance stopped. Ben and the AK Party, the CHP, and MHP, as Felicity Party as well as the Democratic Party and all other party of our young people love and always with them I am. All our son. All of this country, this flag is the future depositary. they in this country even further things. these days until the party distinction did not do, I do,"he said.
Turkish nation is a nation founded that struck Doğan,"the Turkish nation, Turkish youth always have a history of emergence knew ancestral legacy of the guard being was not deterred. We are a nation founded on the descendants of these days, the temsilcileriyiz. too suffered, give up the fight of our forefathers entrusted to the traitors we do not"he said. It has some thoughts as one Kocaeli Grey Wolves studies and line appreciated voicing Dogan,"This country, this country all of us. These countries, anyone who loves the nationalists. Nationalism contract, not trying to be,"he said.
Izmit Municipality Join with values ​​came and every time this issue of sensitivity that said Dogan, henna Soldier Open Air Museum, Yahya Kaptan Monument, Sarikamish Memorial, Korea and Cyprus Martyrs' Monument, Exchange Monument, fortune shield, History Corridor project, Gagauzia and in the Balkans, the services nationalism of understanding product that was expressed.
İzmit Mayor Dr. Nevzat Doğan's visit welcomes voicing Kocaeli Grey Wolves President Ibrahim Ozcan,"Izmit Municipality of work done by a very meaningful and expressed. Studies of the name of nationalism, as an example, I think. Himself to the posture and support, thank you for,"he said.
insufficiency of the existing physical conditions of gray wolves stating that the Idealist Kocaeli President Abraham Ozcan, said they were looking for support for the Idealist. President of nature in every way to support young people in this situation would be specified wished success in their work.

Head of Support to the Idealist from nature" comments for.


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