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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:57

Head Quarters of Tekintaş Travel

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Gold was Mayor Peters Tekintaş , Eyüplü met with neighborhood residents.

Gold was Mayor Peters Tekintaş , Eyüplü met with neighborhood residents. Photo Eyüplü President Tekintaş open-air meeting held in the neighborhood , as well as Deputy Mayor of Fatih married and was attended by many citizens. General citizens meeting to discuss the issue , the Mayor listened to the requests neighborhood Engine Tekintaş , as soon as he would resolve the problem .
Meeting before a speech Eyüplü neighborhood headman, Mehmet Karaman, Gold was Mayor Peters Tekintaş and Vice President Fatih due to visit Married he thanked . Photo Altınordu in the district 92 districts in the Golden noted that they began working Mayor Peters Tekintaş , in his speech , 92 neighborhood have launched a joint operation , said it was an important place for themselves in every neighborhood. indicating that they came to produce a Photo Service Tekintaş \"We arrived to find a solution to your problem. You will want from us, we will fulfill it . after 30 March local elections we first neighborhood visit our Eyüplü neighborhood. this is important to us. Today I am proud great to be with you here. the neighborhood is made ​​in accordance with the wishes of our headman this I thank you for the contribution you have shown first meeting , \"he said .
DISTRICT WORK iN ROAD CONTINUES Photo Eyüplü neighborhood roads Chairman underlined that the problem Tekintaş , \"We are revamping the main road as a priority . Then we started working at the crossroads in the neighborhood. For our neighborhood Eyüplü concrete way , we will begin the work to be started in the coming days. Then we started working at the crossroads with our new equipment , \"he said .
January 1 WITH GARBAGE will COLLECTED Photo March 30 after the local elections, the status of the neighborhood of the village status last place of garbage collection on 1 January President stating that as of 2015 started Tekintaş , \"Sanitation Directorate was connected to our our our team as of January 1, Municipality of gold will begin collecting garbage from all 92 districts . We found we had to clean it up how we keep our environment clean . I want her to show more attention to environmental cleanliness in our citizens , \"he said Tekintaş Photo President , Deputy Mayor of Fatih took note after the speech by listening to requests from citizens with married. Photo

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