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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:12

Headmen Protocol Food

Headmen Protocol Food
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Bafra Mukhtar Association meeting held fusion dishes .

Samsun news: Bafra Mukhtar Association meeting held fusion dishes . In the elections held on April 28
Bafra Mukhtar Association elected as the Chairman and board member of Salih Zeki Nayar has organized a dinner at the City Club . The dinner organized Governor Ali Katırcı , Garrison Commander and District Gendarmerie Commander Captain Ilhan Güngör, Mayor of mind Sahin, Chief Prosecutor Hikmet Turan, Justice Committee Chairman Mustafa sealed, District Police Chief Mustafa Yigit , Deputy Chief of Police , Abdurrahman Manganese, SAMKO the Chairman Kumar Cooks , civil society representatives and headmen joined .
Mukhtar Association President Salih Zeki Nayer his keynote speech, \"the Board of Directors voted in Bafra unity , ensuring our people have judicial as well as administrative be a bridge between this off ,\"he said .
selected headmen to congratulate Mayor mind Sahin, \"Civil society organizations as Bafra the best way to represent their wish. Bafra we hereafter more solidarity , more unity and cooperation are needed . Bafra our potential not only evaluated the right . Governor with civil society organizations if our unity and togetherness , solidarity when it can be implemented in less than our potential and our Bafra, we have gained great values ​​, \"he said .
Governor Ali Katırcı , the \"Programs of this kind of unity and togetherness were exhibited, opinion exchange was made , mutual consultations as an opportunity. Today, therefore headman success to hope,\"he said .

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