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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:24

Headmen worry Cube

Headmen worry Cube
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Neighborhood headmen in Kusadasi , Kusadasi problems with the Mayor told the meeting organized by Ozer Kayali .

Aydın news: Photo Kuşadası Mayor Ozer Kayali presidency , with the 23 neighborhood headman in Kusadasi municipal boundaries of the apartment managers, came together to solve neighborhood problems. Municipal Committee headmen who attended the meeting held at the Salon, deficiencies in the neighborhood , said the investment and operations to be performed . At the meeting , which lasted about three hours, more parking request took first place .
President Kayali, said they would arrive shortly to solve the problem in collaboration with village headmen . Due to the metropolitan law that reconstruction living in municipalities experienced a series of setbacks, however, Kayali , indicating that all of them are left behind , \"We are working in a program that is compatible with our Municipality . We prepare roadmap to implement with priority projects in our county . Our headman is AcAklArImIzdA do as a municipality and the support of our people will give us strength. Mukhtar our expressed in a detailed manner the problems of the neighborhood. took note of our Unit supervisor. Most of the problems will be solved during the winter . Districts have generally 80 park , they will be renewed. 25 new parks to do. pre-season some of our neighborhood public with regional urban will do the conversion work. Off the market will be opened in place next March . We will never stop our dialogue with our headmen in this process , we frequently organize evaluation meetings , \"he said .


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